Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More Oregon photos and random thoughts...

Oregon coast photos and a
Photo taken out in my mom's yard.

I took lots of photos of my family, but I don't feel I can share them. Just because I am putting myself out there on the web, does not mean they have to do it too. I definitely have a sinus infection, colds don't last this long, do they? I have been working and playing catch up with my life. I am dreaming every night about making art, and I am sure it is because I have not done art for weeks. I need to and this weekend will be set aside for just that and nothing else. I can't wait :-).
It finally quit snowing and I was able to go on a much needed run with my dog. It has been 2 weeks since our last one. It was so beautiful out there, sun gleaming on the snow, so bright you could not look at it. The air was full of sparkly crystals of snow, seemed magical. For all the trouble is causes, snow is worth it.
I am off to bed with a good book...XOXO


sukipoet said...

Thanks for these beautiful pictures. Im glad you see some artmaking time in the near future. I agree snow is beautiful. It covers over all the flaws. Take care of the infection.

Julie said...

Just gorgeous.

I'm so glad you got to run with your dog again.

Unknown said...

You are correct Annie abou the private pictures. I just noticed that I have many visitors and many unknown to me. I wondered why and finally figured it that when they googled for something about M'sia, eg hotels, culture etc., somehow my link is there and they popped over. It made me think more deeply about posting the kids pictures and their names too. While its supposed to be a public blog, I think its more personal as its for friends mainly. Anyway, glad the snow's cleraing up and sorry to hear about the sinus..and I have started my walk around our park/home, finally :D
Hope you'll feel much better

Anonymous said...

Hia Annie sorry to hear you are under the weather. It is hard when you miss relatives.

I'm glad the weather cleared enough for you to run. The coast in Oregan looks very interesting. The rock shapes seem to appear in your work. Maybe you have taken a little of it with you? Good luck creating more.

mermaid said...

Beautiful photos. Your respect for your family's privacy is honorable. Create away!

Lubna said...

Hi Annie
THanks for sharing these. Does sound like something much worse than a cold. Hope you are taking care of yourself.

robin laws said...

and what book might that be annie? more beautiful shots of my home! i am going to the beach on friday and i will try my very best to find beauty as you have here. but your mom's birdhouse..? that is a very happy thing! sorry you still feel sick but clearly you are determined to heal. a good run might just do it when it cleanses your soul and makes you that happy.