Monday, January 12, 2009


This photo has nothing to do with anything, other than the fact that I took it a week ago and wanted to get it up before Spring :-). This was my yard last Monday, snow has melted a bit, but my yard is still a couple feet deep in it.
I was tagged by the wonderful and multi-talented Lorie! I am to list 5 things I love today.
Besides the obvious like family, friends and animal kids, here is my list:
1. My little point and shoot camera. I have received so much joy from taking photos and sharing them with all of you.
2. Running in the snow. Though this morning it was a bit cold,0 degrees, still, I enjoyed it.
3. Taos mountain, especially with snow covering it.
4. The little commission painting I am doing for my blogging friend Eliezer.
5. Tropic Thunder-the movie, I laughed a lot and I loved it, but it isn't for everyone.
I want to tag Annie H., just because I adore her!
Happy Monday! XOXO


debra said...

I'm here via Annie H. Glad to be here---I love my little point and shoot, and pottery, too :-)

Lorie McCown said...

Hey! good for kids would trade their left arm for all that snow. It's causing great concern that there has been not much to play along, I agree with the picture taking, it's quite addictive!

sukipoet said...

That sure is a lot of snow. More than we have right now I think. Great 5 things. Good for you to run in 0 degree weather. Brrr.

Annie Coe said...

Debra-Thanks for coming, I will have to come check your site out.
Lorie M.-The snow is fun :-).
Suki-Yes, it is a bit cold, but once I am out there I am okay.

Unknown said...

Right back at ya, grrrrlie:>) It's grey and cold here--good day to thing about all the things that are lovely in this world.

Lisa said...

Lotsa good stuff in your life. :)'s cold here but no white stuff.

Paula In Pinetop said...

Annie ~ The snow is really beautiful. We usually get just a dusting here in Rio Rancho.

Sorry I've not dropped in to visit in a while. I've been so darned busy and it really shows, my blog gets like two visitors in a week....yikes

I am always so encouraged when you stop by my blog and comment on the art I have posted there.

I've got a point and shoot as well. Love it. I find that it really helps me to think about composition once I get to the easel. And taking close ups is an interesting way to think and plan abstracts. Do you ever do that?

Hope all is well with you and your fur babies.

Annie Coe said...

Lisa, Yes lots of good stuff :-).
Paula-Yes, I love close ups of plant life, it unspires me a lot with my abstracts :-). Glad to see you visit.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the pics you share. I have a little point and shoot too. I don't think I would use anything more complicated. :-)

Here I've just heard that there are going to be 100mph winds to the North of us so I think we are in for some bad weather. I think I prefer your calm snow.

XUE said...

Still no snow here in the city so we had to go & find snow in the countryside!