Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I took this photo a couple days ago, under my portal.
This sweet little guy posed for me and this is one of
many shots I took. All the other birds flew away, but
this one was brave and stuck around.
I have been busy storing nuts for the Winter :-).
Life is so good. Today I looked in the mirror and
into my own eyes. I looked past my 52 years and I
saw a happy little girl of around age 8 :-), she is still
alive and well and living inside me :-).
What do you see when you look into your own eyes?


Sizzle said...

What a sweet little bird. :-)

The last I looked, my eyes looked tired. I better get to bed!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful trusting bird. :-)

Depends on the time of day. I begin young and get older as I get more tired.

Em said...

Aww... such a cute picture. There is definitely a girl in me too... I'm not exactly sure what age she is, but she's young enough to be full of hope still.

Julie said...

What a cutie pie!

Unknown said...

sweet bird! I've lots of them chirping around my trees but never so close!

Now, I am definitely envious of you. You are 52 ?! No kidding, you look way way too young..come on, share the secret, let me know!! how do you manage to stay that young...spill the beans pleaseee..

I look at the mirro and feel i do look my age physically, but deep inside I think I am forever that 8 years old girl ;p big hugs and much love!!

*dont forget* the secret...

Annie Coe said...

m.kate, you are a sweetheart, that hat I wear in my photo covers up white hair and looking young runs in my family :-). I am just lucky and I use a bit of sunscreen. Sorry, there is no secret.

sukipoet said...

Tis a sweet bird for sure. When I look in the mirror, I see an older woman. But when I don't, I sure do feel maybe not 8 but at least 18. That's a long time you lived in SF. It is a gorgeous place and wish I'd stayed longer.

robin laws said...

that is so sweet.. how nice to meet your little winged housemate. i know that was so much fun wasn't it?just clicking away. it is such a special feeling to have something wild and free allow is to interact with them. i swear my birds know me by name. i am always talking to them :)

i haven't looked into my own eyes in a long time. i am too busy looking through the viewfinder! but i know what i would see... longing and happiness both.