Friday, September 12, 2008

Purple beauty

This is the yard of the house I am working at for 3 weeks.
The plant is called Russian Sage and it is my favorite plant
here in New Mexico. I am in charge of packing all art pieces
in the house and there is a lot. Having a great time.
I may be a bit exhausted at night, but it is worth it.
I am helping a friend and she is helping me, because I will
make enough money to get me through a couple more months :-).
I could do this for a living in this town, but I don't think I
would like it full time. I want to do my art after all, but
it is a good side job. I took these photo just for you.
Speaking of exhausted, I am ready for bed, but I am going
to work on my art photos in photo shop and see if
I can improve them. I am so dedicated :-). Have a
wonderful weekend! XOXO


sukipoet said...

These are indeed gorgeous flowers. Glad you have a job that will pay you so well. That is important. Maybe you can just take one of these every so often and have cycles of art work times and cycles of job times. Be well,Suki

Anonymous said...

Beautiful plant. i've just seen a neighbours kitten sniffing the sage and cat mint in the garden. Scarey though if my dogs had seen it. I hope you're have a good weekend painting and improving your photography.

Unknown said...

Hello Annie C!! Thanks for the award and I will follow up with the naming of more blogs this week. LOVE your new work. Really. They are quite soothing to look at. Hope your weekend's good and glad that the work is good. I'm going to try to cut back a bit on blogging and concentrate on writing, but as I heard on NPR, "Blogging is like crack for writers." How True!!!:>)

Julie said...


Kelly said...

I love sage and I love New Mexico, so thank you for the photos. So glad you found a side job that agrees with you for now.

raining sheep said...

Beautiful photos of the flowers and I think, from what I have read, they smell wonderful too.

Unknown said...

Wonderful sage!! I'd love to be there smelling it too. have a great week :D

Em said...

Pretty pictures!

robin laws said...

"i am so dedicated :)" that made me smile. i sometimes think i am obsessed when i keep going long after i am tired but i like your viewpoint better.