Thursday, September 4, 2008

3 wonderful things.

I got this from laini and for some reason I am
feeling a little blue today, so I thought it would
help me get back to myself. The deal is, you write
about 3 wonderful things, so here is my list for today:
1. Waking up and knowing I get to do art all day!
2. Going for a long, sweet run with my dog first thing.
3. The beautiful humming bird outside in my flower garden,
the one I have been trying to get a photo of all week.
I can't stop with 3 :-), so here are some more wonderful things:
4. My animal boys, they are the joy of my life and I am not sure
what I would do without them.
5. The colors blue and green and all the various shades of both
and the combined color they make.
6. Clay and paint and plaster and all the beauty that can be made
from them.
7. Imagination, where would we be without it-no where.
8. Friends, family and bloggers :-).
9. One more chance to live life with my whole heart and
never let fear rule my life again.
What are your 3 things? Happy Thursday. XOXO


Em said...

I'm sorry you're feeling a little down. I haven't been myself the last few days either. Now, I'm just busy!

Living life with your whole heart sounds like a fantastic idea. :-)

Unknown said...

wonderful happy list...what makes me happy? its friday here and weekend's around...just to spend time with the kiddies and clean rabbit poop hahah...much love and hugs :D

sukipoet said...

Some days just are bluer than others. To have gratitude for simple things in our lives, that is truly to be enlightened. May your weekend be peaceful.