Monday, September 29, 2008

No Fear

Perhaps the world is falling apart, who am I to know,
but I will tell you one thing I have learned, worry does
not help. When things happen that I have no power over,
I have found it is best to let go and trust that everything
that is happening is for my best, no matter how awful it
may seem. It is often easier said than done, but I attempt
to accept what I can do nothing about.
Since doing the Be Brave project (which I will do for life :-),
I have learned to stick my tongue out at fear. I first
stare it down, stand up really tall and laugh.
What is there to fear? Oh, I guess there are a million things
to be afraid of, but I figure I really don't have the time.
We are given such a small, fleeting bit of time, what a waste
to be in fear, ever. Of course, sometimes fear comes in handy
and we need to heed it, but most of the time we fear things
that will NEVER happen. I have abused fear in my lifetime,
by letting it get the best of me when there was nothing there,
just some story I told myself. Fear is now my friend, it was meant
only to let us know when to flee, but our society has twisted it
into a full time profession :-). I am so grateful that I found
the Be Brave project, it has changed my life.
Speaking of brave, my cousin R is the bravest person I know,
he is facing chemo next week and he is so full of positive energy
and life. He makes me ashamed to complain about anything.
Thank you all for your prayers.
Hope you all had a grand Monday, let me know what fears
you stared down this week.


Sizzle said...

I faced my fear of rejection and applied/interviewed for the internal position. That was one thing!

Anonymous said...

I was fearful yesterday and so needed to hear these words. A neighbour told me that the nasty developer's wife who bought the house at the bottom of the garden was fishing for information about me. (This is the guy who took a photo of me in my nightie when I was inside my house at a window so I called the police who spoke to him.) This morning I am feeling braver. Thank you.

sukipoet said...

Great post Annie. You are so right. Why waste one's short time on earth in a state of fear and wrapped in stories we make up and that most likely will never happen in our experience. The mind is an amazing thing isnt it? Thanks for this reminder.

Em said...

Fear is generally a waste of time and energy. Occasionally it can save your life. It's important to learn to distinguish between the instinctual fear of danger and unnecessary and silly fears that hold us back.


Unknown said...

"To fear is one thing.
To let fear grab you by the tail and swing you around like a monkey is quite another."

Keep an eye on that tail.

Unknown said...

Hello Annie, still on a break so popping over to see what's up. You are correct, we have too many fears...i know I have but i thought..what the heck, if the bad things are destined to happen, it i do try to focus on the positive. hope you are keeping well. The 'clan' have left my much cooking and cleaning and so much fun too. We are going for a short break up north to penang island. Much love and hugs always :D