Sunday, September 28, 2008

My friend's new resort:Victoria's Last Resort

In the lovely seaside town of Cambria California, my good
friend V has opened a one of a kind resort. Small and intimate
with a beautiful suite done to perfection by my friend who is an
artist sublime. She is also a wonderful cook and will be making
the meals herself. Check out her site and see for yourself.
Be sure and give a look at the gardens which are to die for.
Even if you are not planning a trip, you will have fun looking
at her beautiful website. Victoria's Last resort.


sukipoet said...

This looks lovely, peaceful and luxurious. Very enterprising of your friend and kind of you to advertise! Wish I were rich.

raining sheep said...

What a neat little spot. I love that. Looks very relaxing and beautiful.

Em said...

Looks great!

Yoli said...

That is wonderful Annie. It is so relaxing to look at the pictures. I can just imagine what it is like resting there...ahh...

Yoli said...

It makes me feel like I am back in the 80's. Very cool, totally 80's decor. The gardens though are fantastic. Who cannot relax looking out those views.