Monday, September 15, 2008


My friend D, who I am working for feeds the ravens every
few days, today I took some photos. It was a rainy overcast
day, so forgive the poor quality. It is an amazing thing to watch
these beautiful birds. First two ravens come, one stays and the
other goes to alert the rest of their group, then one by one they
arrive, about 10-15. What is so lovely about it, is they all
sit around and wait. All that meat sitting there and they don't
go near it until the whole group has arrived, then one by one they
go and get a piece, fly away, eat it, or bury it and then fly back for more.
There is no feeding frenzy. The ravens are polite and kind, they even let
a small magpie come have some. These photos are of the ravens
waiting for the group to get there. Happy Monday! XOXOXO


Unknown said...

..well, ravens arent exactly my favourite birds, they are always at my home but i dont feed them :(

sukipoet said...

Lovely photos of ravens and landscape.

Em said...

Wow... that's really cool that they wait for each other.

Anonymous said...

Ooo that is so interesting. I do like learning more about corvae. I have a soft spot for them after a crow saved my life a few years after I saved a crow's life. They are meant to hold a "parliament" when a bird somehow breaks a rule. There is an account of one in a book called "Crow Country".

I have been trying to follow your example about being brave and contacted an actress I have admired for years. Slowly I am trying. :-) Thanks for being brave yourself.

Mary Richmond said...

i love your raven story...i had no idea they were so....polite!

Julie said...

That's fascinating. Really neat!

Jessie said...

I like reading your observations about ravens. They are such fascinating, beautiful, and intelligent teachers! :)

Annie Coe said...

m.kate-Perhaps you could learn to love them :-).
Melanie-I want to hear about your crow story! Keep being brave :-)!
Mary-Thanks for visiting.
Jessie- Yes, they are!

Paula In Pinetop said...

These are beautiful photos, Annie.

Hey, I may be in Taos in October. There is a workshop on the 18th I'd like to attend. I'll let you know in advance and maybe we can meet for a cup of coffee.

Kelly said...

OMG, that's amazing. I knew ravens were among the smartest of the birds and that they are social, but didn't realize they would be so polite and cooperative when it comes to FOOD. Neat-o! Thank you for teaching me this.

robin laws said...

well this is not something i knew before.... i love how you describe their good manners :)