Sunday, September 21, 2008

Silly pottery

I forgot that I promised to show you these two weeks ago.
I got busy and forgot all about it. These are the first pottery
things I made from start to finish. Does anyone remember
that first little cup I made? The top one is the cup finished.
I don't like the colors and there are some flaws in the glaze,
but I still love it. Next is the Flintstones creamer and sugar bowl.
They shrunk a lot and are now tiny :-). Then comes the first
tea cup, I like this one, but it has a lot of flaws in the glaze.
Last is a big bowl, It is even too flawed for me to want
to use it, but I learned a lot making it. I have a couple other
pieces, but they are gifts and I don't want to spoil the surprise.
I learned so much making these, that the next bunch will be 100
times better. Hope you enjoyed this little journey of my clay failures :-).
Happy Sunday!


Unknown said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these flintstone pottery!! I think they are edgy, raw and totally unique...what a talented person you are Annie :D hope you have a great M/bunnday...much love and hugs!!

Em said...

Your failure is better than mine would be. :-)

Anonymous said...

They are charming Annie! I love the pink and blue on the tiny flintstone wear and as for turquoise I do have a soft spot for that colour. :-) Beautiful work!

I'm glad you liked the crow tale- all true. My Dad reckons the crow is my totem.

Julie said...

Those are wonderful! I myself like the bowl.

sukipoet said...

Annie, I love the patterns you have carved into the clay. The Flintstone pots are charming and maybe fit for a doll's tea party? I like the colors very much but know what you mean about glazing. I think it is something that comes with experience of doing it over and over to see what works and even so what works one time doesnt necessarily work the next. It is like a scientific experiment I think. I have only attempted it once myself.

raining sheep said...

I love the pottery. The polka dot one is my personal favorite. I have a very favorite pottery mug at home that I purchased from the artist - it is very quirky and it is the only thing I drink my coffee from.

Karyn said...

I love it all! I don't see how you can call them failures. It's amazing what a glaze does to make a piece of clay look so finished. You need to see them with eyes that doesn't know the process that went into them, then they look just perfect.