Monday, September 8, 2008

New painting

#1 in the Sea series


I just completed four new paintings and have
three more well on the way to being finished.
They are about the ocean, which I am missing
very much living here in New Mexico. I want to
work on the photo taking as they need to be better
for my Esty site, but it is getting too dark today
and I really wanted to share it with you now.
Feedback would be greatly appreciated :-).
Updates on stuff: Working hard to get paintings and
other projects done for my Esty site and I have a big
job for the coming next three weeks. The pay is wonderful
and it could not have come at a better time :-). I start
Wednesday or Thursday.
None of my clay pieces are saleable, but I will share
photos this week. I don't like how the colors turned out
and I need to work on the glazing.
For those of you wanting to know, I don't think I will
see the 27 year old again as we always met in the parking
lot by my old job and as I don't work there anymore we
will have to rely on fate :-).
I have not talked to my cousin R yet, he is not feeling
up to talking and that is understandable. Keep sending
well wishes please. I think we are caught up :-).
Let me know what you think of the new piece, thanks.


Unknown said...

wonderful pieces Annie, the colours remind me so much of the sea!! which I am desperate to go...but with the monsoon looming, it could just be wishful thinking over here! happy week :D

Anonymous said...

Hia Annie, I like the detail photo showing the myriad of colours of the waves and the feeling of movement drawing the eye across the photo.

Good thoughts for your cousin.

Julie said...

Oh wow. Those are stunning. I wish I could afford one.

Em said...

I'm pretty clueless when it comes to art. I know what appeals to my eyes but that's about it. How exactly are you doing these? It looks as if you've put large amounts of paint and manipulated it so that there is a whole lot of bumps and grooves, yea? What would you call your style?

And by the way, they are very nice. I like! I like!

Patrick Foley Plummer said...

Love the colors and textures! Gorgeous!

If it's meant to be, you'll run into each other one way or another. :)

Patrick Foley Plummer said...

Oops! I always do that on this computer. Patrick is my husband. This is Groggy Froggy Lisa. :)

Annie Coe said...

Thanks, everyone :-).
Em- That is not paint I manipulate
it is Venetian plaster which is made out of marble dust and comes in a can, wet and thick. I carve into it first, then I burnish it and then I apply many thin layers of acrylic paint until I build up the colors I want. It is very labor intensive, but I love it.
I guess if it is a style I would call it abstract, but it is not really as everything I start with has a form in nature.

sukipoet said...

Annie, thanks for explaining a bit of your materials and process. Interesting. I really like your new series. M Kate, a new photo. I like it a lot. in the other photo I thought you looked about 12 yo.

robin laws said...

those beautiful greens and blues again...and swirlies.. i'm happy for you having a bit of work this week so that you can continue following your heart. i also loved your comment on my love thursday post today. you also love your bird friends. something in common :)