Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Creative Bliss

I have been in a frenzy of creative activity.
Seven new small paintings started. Three
bowls, one mug and one plate made. I can't
keep this smile off my face :-). It is beyond
bliss. I have taken a three day a week job that
starts the end of the month. Three days is not
enough, but it is all I am willing to take as I feel
so strongly that now is the time to get my art out
into the world. It is what I am meant to do, it is
what I am happiest doing. Joseph Campbell's
often quoted quote-Follow your Bliss-is my
guiding light right now. It is so frightening to
trust this, yet for once in my life I am going to
do it. By the way the job came to me and was handed
to me without any effort at all, that is really the
only reason I am taking it as it feels right, for now
and at least I will have some money coming in, but
I will have 4 whole days to do art!!! So much better
than 2! For the next month I will have everyday
to make beauty. My plan is to have my Esty shop up
before 2 weeks. I will post photos of my new stuff soon.
Off to bed. Have a wonderful Wednesday! XOXOXO


Unknown said...

Yay...that sounds like a fantastic plan. Now 4 days is ANYTIME better than 2 days, I'd love to have that!!! Of course, $$$ is great but bliss is better.....happy creating Annie, much love and hugs!!

sukipoet said...

Annie, so good to hear your voice full of excitement about your work and life. You just don't know what will evolve from all this, including the new job at the end of the month. Be well, Suki

Julie said...

That's wonderful! And I can't wait to see the photos.

mermaid said...

and in creating your blissful art, you are adorning and honoring your soul. It will be wonderful to hear about your discoveries.

Em said...

Working 3 days a week sounds pretty alright to me! :-)

Unknown said...

Good for you girlie. It's so nice when the pieces fall into place just as they were meant to and the final picture looks so right yet unlike what we thought it would be.

Lorie McCown said...

There's not a better feeling than to spend the whole day making art..well, you know ;-) what I mean! A balance of 'have to's' and 'like to's' is always best! Let's see that art!

Dagny said...

Love to hear you so happy!!!!!