Sunday, August 31, 2008

The adventure continues

I had the best day yesterday and I wanted to share.
There was a big art opening last night at the gallery where
I show. My friends J and J went with me. I was a bit
nervous because I knew my old boss would be there.
He avoided me for a while which was easy because it
was really crowded in the gallery. However, he was soon
near enough that we had to speak to one another, so I
went first, I smiled and asked how he was then I forced him
to hug me :-). Later I saw his wife and she was just as friendly
and supportive as could be. It felt really good to force myself
to be brave and have it pay off so nicely :-). I am glad I got
that over with because I will be seeing him at functions a lot
in this town. I also had someone tell me that I had changed
their life by my example :-). Wow, no one has ever said that
to me before. The really wonderful part was yet to come.
I went to J's house with the other J and L joined us,
J's mom was also there. We shared art and talked into the evening
for hours. I was so inspired. I love my friends so much and
what is so cool is that J and J and L are men. I have found some
of my deepest and closest friendships to be with men. Don't get
me wrong I have deep, close friendships with women too, but not as
many. I am not sure why this is, but I am thrilled with the friends I have.
I felt so loved last night that I came home on a kind of cloud of joy.
I dreamed I could walk through walls and fly :-). Happy Sunday! XOXO
P.S. What made you joyful this week? Please share.


Patrick Foley Plummer said...

Beautiful! Congratulations! One thing that made me joyful this week was placing my spirit dolls in my favorite store! Totally unplanned, too. New neighbors, new connections, new friendships. Awesome!

Patrick Foley Plummer said...

Shoot. I always forget that when I'm on this computer, I'm logged in with my husband's name. This is Lisa/GroggyFroggy. Patrick is my sweetheart husband. hehe

Lorie McCown said...

It's nice, isn't it? when kindness and decency wins out. And your ex-boss is an art lover, not bad! A week of back to school here, which means a little more quiet time for me. I hope your pottery is wonderful. That's a medium I've not been too good at! But I love it.

Em said...

I've had some of the very best friendships with men as well. I'm really happy things are going so well for you right now.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Bravo. That's very good of you and what a relief.

I am afraid my weekend was not as lovely as I had hoped - I found myself discriminated against by the Patriot Act because I live in Morocco:(

Julie said...

I've also had mostly men friends in my life and there's just something about how direct they are that's appealing.

Em said...

And you know what else... I tend to enjoy women who enjoy friendships with men more than friendships with women more than women who enjoy friendships with women more than men.

Know what I mean? HAHA!

Patry Francis said...

Congratulations! I only wish I could have been there. What made me joyful this week? This morning I got up early and went for a stroll around my backyard. The squirrels were darting through a nearby field; the wrens were soaring above the garden, and the world was green, green, green. Such bliss!

Annie Coe said...

Lisa, Thank you :-).
Lorie- Clay IS hard, but so fun!
Em-I do understand, perfectly :-).
Maryam-Thank you, and I am sorry to hear you had a bad time of it.
Hugs to you!
Julie-Yes, I agree.
Patry-How lovely to have you come visit and your comment was blissful :-).

Inherently Different said...

I think that positive thoughts result in positive experiences. The fact that you went out on a limb and you survived should inspire you a great deal. Many people refuse to take that first step toward happiness. You're a rockstar!

BTW: This is E! from inherently different... unfortunately, your commenting system doesn't seem to allow non blogger users to comment so I have to use my old blogger account... meh.

Annie Coe said...

E, I am so excited you are here
:-). Talk about Rock stars! You my dear are my new hero and I will be reading your blog daily. Thanks for letting me know it was you.
P.S. Sorry about the commenting system, I don't know anything about it...

Annie Coe said...
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Anonymous said...

So glad that you were able to be brave and it all worked out nicely. It would've been so easy to sit in the corner and "ignore the elephant in the room".

So glad you have loving and supportive people around you.

Today I was happy because I got out of the house in a morning of non-rain and went to a soul-food place. I took photos of course so I can share Autumn in my next post.

Holly said...

Sounds like a rewarding and accomplished evening! Something that makes me joyful and super-smiley every week is my 5-yr old boy. This week he has me cracking up by saying "Good times, good times" after we do/say something fun/funny. :)