Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I think Spring is finally here, though I can't
be sure, we sometimes get snow in April :-).
This photo is of my cats Mr.B and Spike. They
are brothers, can't you tell :-).
My mom arrived yesterday and we will be making
the food for my show, galleries today want you to
pay for half of the show costs, so I decided to save
money I would make the food. I am getting excited
about the show, but trying not to have any expectations.
It will be a fun party and most of my favorite people
will be there. Still have not figured out what to wear!
The show is this Saturday and I have not a clue.
I am trusting I will figure it out :-). I am hoping to
find something new to wear, but the stores in my
little mecca are less than desired. And has anyone
noticed that blouses these days are getting smaller?
I have me some breasts and even though I am small
around the hips I need a large in a blouse, and I think they are
making them these days for woman with no shoulders and
no bust. Am I the only one having this problem?
As you can tell I am just talking drivel today, so I will
say goodbye now before I go on :-). Have a special Wednesday.


Elizabeth said...

Love the animal pictures!
Your blog title is cool too.........

Julie said...

I'm so excited for you. And yeah, the clothes are getting tighter around the bosom. I don't even have me some hooters and it drives me nuts.

I think everything is designed for preteens.

Dagny said...

UGH. I totally hear ya about the tops. I dont' have the boobs, but what I do have are a nice set of swimmer shoulders. So any kind of top I buy just about splits up the back if I try to bend forward. bah.

But good luck!! And have fun!