Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I hope if you ever get tired of seeing too cute
photos of my boys you will kindly keep it to
yourselves :-). Here are Max and Zeus. They
really love each other and they both own the
sofa :-). Today I am thinking of gratitude. I
was over at Simply wait and I was reading about
Patry's stories about dealing with cancer and
her having to have surgery again and like always
I was struck by her joy and bravery in the face
of it all. I have been cranky like I say and whining
to myself about things and after reading her post
I was so ashamed of myself. We all have so much.
If we are healthy we really have everything. All
else is gravy :-). We have shelter and most of us have cars.
Many of us have lovely animal companions and some have
kids and some lucky folks have both :-). Most of us can
afford at least the basics without too much trouble.
We are double blessed if we have family and friends who
love us. In blogging land we also have blog friends to
be thankful for :-). Life is truly what you make it.
Focusing on all the troubles and evils of the world will
just get you more of it. I for one have learned my lesson
today and hopefully I will remember Patry's words tomorrow
and the next day too. Words to live by always. If you know
what is good for you, go read her post, it is anything, but
a downer. Have a gorgeous Tuesday everyone.
And thanks for all the birthday wishes :-).


willowtree said...

Great picture of two good looking critters, Max looks just like Booey. Obviously I won't get tired of cut pest pics.

Dagny said...

Lovely picture.

And beautiful words to keep in mind. thanks. :)

Julie said...

Thanks for the reminder. :)

And I also never get tired of seeing cute pet pics, and that one is awesome.