Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Life in general

Here is my main man-cat, Spike, he is the boss
even over my dog, though Max is trying to steal
his position :-). Sorry I disappeared for a day, it was
crazy busy at work and home, so time was limited.
My mother is coming for my show which is very sweet
and supportive, but I have much to do to get ready for
her and my show, so I will blog when I can. I will be
taking the next two days off to work on paintings. I am
abandoning my big painting, so I can work on some smaller
ones, ones I might actually have time to finish before my
show:-). I am a bit overwhelmed with life right now, but
it is all good. Still working out my feelings for Mr.B and
lots of other stuff right now. Sometimes it takes time to
sort through all the garbage in your mind :-). I promise
a really good post over the weekend. Have a wonderful
rest of the week. I love you.


Julie said...

Aww. It's really good that you DO take time to think about us, given how much you have on your plate.

I hope the show goes well and that mom's visit goes very smoothly.

Annie Coe said...

Thank you, Julie, the show is not until the 22nd, but mom comes the 18th which is just around the corner

Dagny said...

I love your man cat.

he is truly handsome. :)