Saturday, March 29, 2008

Time and Energy

This is a blurry photo of my sweet boy Zeus.
I would have never named him that, I let an
old boyfriend name him, silly me :-). He
is more of a Ziggy.
I am wiped out. Spent.
Between my show and my mom (who is a
lot like the energizer bunny :-) I have not
stopped moving for about three weeks until
yesterday. I stayed in jammies yesterday and
did not even shower :-). My mom went off
on her own and I read and worked on two new
little paintings. Besides fixing dinner that is
all I did. I was starting to think perhaps something
was wrong with me I was so tired, but realized, no
honey you are just getting older :-). I need more time
and I need more energy, badly. I could use about
two maybe three weeks off to lay around on some
beach somewhere fun, but not too active, with a
pile of good books and perhaps a lap top. Yes,
that is exactly what I need :-). Anyone out there
want to go with? Missed you. Have a wonderful weekend.


Dagny said...

Enjoy your rest!!!

You deserve it!


willowtree said...

Zeus is a cool looking dog, but sadly not such a cool sounding name. I would have morphed it into Zooey by now (but then, that's what Australians do).

Paula In Pinetop said...

Hi Annie ~ Danged I'm so upset. I've been remiss about stopping by your blog and missed that you had a show. Had I known this I would have come !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your paintings looks so textural. I love some kind of texture as well. Although last weekend when I toured the galleries at Canyon Road I was simply amazed and how smooth some of the artists made their oils. Just beautiful. I love to get up close and try to feel the vibe of the artist ~ yea, I know, I'm a dork that way.

Which gallery are you at in Taos? I'll stop by there and take a look the next time I'm in town. I like an Eskes or Guadalajara fix from time to time.

Do you know of Pierre Delattre? He recently moved his studio/gallery from Truchas to LeDoux street in Taos. His wife is Nancy Orenstone. Anyway, I've always admired his work and stop by there for a visit when I'm in town.

Sweet dog. I've got a new kittie "Audrey" and she is a pistol. Much like chasing around after a toddler and I'll be glad when she matures a bit.

Thanks for your look-see at my mess in progress. I thought I'd take the day off yesterday to clear my head of the whole thing but of course I still obsessed about it all day. Go figure, might as well have been in the studio.

Have a great weekend. It is beautiful here today.

Julie said...

Yes, get some rest and enjoy it. I never got out of my PJs yesterday and loved every minute of it.

You'll have to show us the new paintings in progress if you have the time.