Sunday, March 16, 2008

Paintings 2

Hi. This is the second painting and the last photo
is the finished product. Next one up is midway and
above that is a shot of one of the sides and the top
photo is a shot of one of the sides of the other painting
that I forgot to include yesterday. I hope you like :-).
I got some encouraging news yesterday, I took
both the new little paintings into the gallery I most
want to be in and the owner loved them, a lot. It is
only a matter of time before I get in that gallery and
then I can look forward to painting full time, because
the man makes stars out of his artists :-). I feel like
my dreams are winding their way to coming true.
That is all for today, it is another busy day, but hopefully
I will have a couple calm days before the show. Have a
wonderful Sunday!


Julie said...

Those are awesome too! Good luck with that gallery. I hope you do get to become full time!

Dagny said...



Good luck with the gallery!! :)