Saturday, March 15, 2008


Hi. I missed you. I have been crazy busy and I will
spare you the details because they are boring :-).
Here is one of the little 6"x6" paintings I did. The first
photo is the finished painting. The second one is mid way
and the last one is after the board has been plastered and I
have carved into it.
I hope you like it after all my hype :-). It is my favorite
of the two which is why I am showing it first.
It is another busy day, but I promised you this and
I try not to break my promises. I will show you the other
painting tomorrow. I am hoping to have a bit more time
tomorrow, so I can look around and catch up on your posts.
Have a wonderful Saturday!


Julie said...

Wow that's awesome! I love the texture of it a lot.

You rock.

Annie Coe said...

Thanks Julie, you rock too!