Sunday, March 9, 2008


This post is dedicated to all the people I love.
I got this lovely idea from Nina and you should
go read her and her friend Julie. Another funny
person I adore is Neil. For pure beauty in writing
go see Patry. If you want to see some beautiful art
go see Jessie , she will inspire you. Another wonderful
artist is Geraint, he is also a good friend, so buy some
of his photos, they are breathtaking. Go see Bernie if
you love animals. If you are like me and love all things
Morroccan go see Maryam . There are many more
people I love, but that will have to do for today.
Not much going on with me right now, just work and
painting. I almost have one of the little ones done.
I painted a couple hours last night after work. I can't
wait to post them for you. I hope you all like the little
video I made of my cat Max, see below...My first video,
it was so fun I may make some more. I can see it totally
taking over and me getting nothing else done :-).
I am feeling pretty good today and happy and full of
energy. May you all have a gorgeous Sunday.

1 comment:

Julie said...

Oh my goodness. Bad kitty! I love it!

Thanks for the shout out hon. We love you too. :)

Can't wait to see those paintings.