Sunday, March 2, 2008


No photo today, sorry. No time, no time, no time :-).
I have been thinking about obsession and passion.
To me they are much the same thing. If something
like a book, movie or a painting or a person catches
my interest and they prove to be really fascinating I
can get hooked in and become obsessed. The things
that I have become passionate about I have become
obsessed with. For a while in my younger years I
thought I had to tap down my enthusiasm and be
like normal people. I did manage to do it for a while,
but then I started to really miss my obsessive nature
and I decided if I only used it for good I could unleash
it again :-). I am so much happier. My latest obsessions
are running, and Viggo (see older posts).
Some passions last and some go away. My passion
for painting and art have been with me my whole life and
they will never leave me. Other passions last only a short
while and then I move on. As it is I have so many obsessions
I could spend 24 hours a day doing them all and still not have
enough time. Life is too short to not be passionate. Why
bother living if you don't really give yourself over to feeling
with your whole heart :-). Have a wonderful Sunday.


Julie said...

A friend of mine just posted about the bad side of obsession, so I think your point of view is interesting. I also become obsessed with things like certain authors or hobbies if I get started on them. This was a great post!

Annie Coe said...

Yes, there are people who have serious problems with being obsessed.
I am only talking about the normal
kind, like ours :-). If you have to wash your hands a million times a day, that is not so fun and not what I am talking about here, or for that matter the kind of obsession that leads to stalking, say Viggo :-), then you should probably see a doctor.