Saturday, March 1, 2008


This is an image of a little thing I made long ago.
My first and only attempt at sculpture :-).
I made a lot of headway on my painting while I took a
break from my computer. I was not loving it, but now
I like it a lot :-). I am taking photos of it a long the way
and I will post them when I am all done.
I also watched "Michael Clayton" loved the movie and
I thought the acting was perfect. Tilda Swinton was the most
amazing of all. She deserved that award!
Today I am thinking about grace and how most days
I am very lucky to have a lot of it in my life. There is no way
I could have gotten through most of the traumas I have
without it. Somehow no matter how bad things
have ever been in my life I always feel that there is some reason
and I get this feeling of peace and it is as if angels sprinkle
angel dust on me and I am good to go for a while more.
When I was younger I had a lot of bad things happen, but
now I don't have many traumas, which I am grateful for.
I still have sad times, but again the angel dust comes and
I move through it with a smile. I call that love dust grace.
I can sometimes even feel the wings of the angels brushing
past me :-). Have a wonderful weekend everyone.
P.S. I am not sure what those funny bars are under the photo.
I was trying to post a photo of Viggo Mortensen :-), but it
would not work, so perhaps that made everything go weird.


Julie said...

I wish I could feel that.

And I love the sculpture...


Annie Coe said...

Thank you Julie :-). I think we all
get the grace, feeling it is just a matter of tuning in or perhaps I
only have an active imagination :-).

Annie Coe said...
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Nina said...

You MADE that??

WOW! I love it.

Also, um, did you just say Viggo? Hubba. As Julie and I would say: hubba.

Annie Coe said...

Yes, Nina I made it, found wood and wire and a little paint :-). I am glad you like it. And Viggo, sigh, Viggo, what can I say, love of my life :-).