Monday, April 12, 2010


These paintings were all done by one of my very favorite artists who lives here in New Mexico,
Alexandra Eldridge. I am going to Santa Fe next Monday and she has been kind enough to invite me to her studio! I am so excited. I can't tell you what it means to me, as she is the one who started me with the Venetian plaster. I read an article about her and her work with Venetian plaster, years ago and thought, what is this Venetian plaster? I was intrigued and thought I would try working with it. I went to all the hardware/paint stores in Taos. No one had it or had even heard of it! I thought, okay forget it, it is too hard to get hold of. That night I had a dream, an angel (I am not making this up) came to me and said "We hear you are giving up on the Venetian plaster" I said "Yes, it is too hard to get it around here" the angel said"We would rethink that if we were you". So I did (when an angel tells you something, you listen), I found it at Home Depot in Santa Fe and it changed my work and has become for me, profound.
So, you see what Alexandra means to me and how this coming visit is: WOW.
I just wanted to share. Click the links and see more of her wonderful, magical work. If I had the means I would fill my house with her paintings. Happy Monday! XOXO


Unknown said...

many thanks, Annie. So glad I could have turned you on to Venetian Plaster. remind me to tell you my dream regarding it.

Doris Sturm said...

What a great time you'll have visiting with your friend and looking at all her wonderful art.
Enjoy your trip.

All the best,
Doris :-)

becky said...

Wow is right! Her work is amazing, as is yours! I love the dream... I have to admit, I have been known to pack up my car & drive many miles on account of dreams~ there is something to that , I believe. Have a wonderful time.
:) p.s. was that Wheeler Peak in the distance in your photo yesterday? I miss New Mexico sunshine!

Annie said...

Alexandra-So happy you are here!
I can't wait to hear YOUR dream
Doris-Thank you.xoxo
Becky-Thank you, how wonderful that you listen to your dreams too.
I do believe you are right, Wheeler peak is back there some where :-).

Lynn Cohen said...

Her cake painting is indeed quite magical. I have to go back and study the eggs or stones? painting some more.

I love your angel story. I wonder if I hear about yours if that will somehow allow me to have a visit as well? There are a few materials I read about that I have not yet be able to find. Perhaps the angel will direct me in the right direction.

I hear how stoked you are and I understand fully. To sit with one you admire...that is just the best.
Can't wait to hear about it after the fact.

Robin said...

How well I remember dashing down those corridors at Home Depot with you! What a day that was!

I can see why you like Alexandra's wonderful for you to finally meet her and see her studio!


♥ Robin ♥

Annie said...

Lynn- I am sure I will have much to tell :-). Ask for guidance before you go to sleep. xoxo
Robin-Remember how HOT it was that day, and what a rush we were in? But it all paid off.

Yoli said...


nollyposh said...

How exciting and wonderful to listen to your inner voices and then to go on a journey with them sighhhh... Don't forget to take photo's! (So we can be there too!) X:-)

Unknown said...

It's beautiful Annie and enjoy your wonderful trip. Take loads of pictures for us too..hugs/M

Anonymous said...

Love the image of the cake being decorated in petals from the whirlwind and the butterfly dancing in them.

I am so excited for you to be going to this studio where these ideas are coming from.

Yes do follow your dream's advice -always good.

sukipoet said...

wonderful work. you mentioned Venetian plaster before and it sounds intriguing. so wonderful you will visit the artist in her studio. i know it will be an inspiring day for both of you! ps great dream

Teri and her Stylish Cats ~ Coco the Couture Cat, FurryDance Brighton, and Disco NoFurNo said...

Nice to have some "back story" to what got you to the art place you are at and see how sometimes things happen for a reason! Yay!

kj said...

you know what i do, annie? i read a post and love it, sometimes when i don't have time to comment or i want to think about it more, and then i don't come back because i am so content with the post and it is so fresh for me.

so here i am late to the party. this excites me for you!!! how inspiring!!!

and dreams. and synchronicity. and passion. yup....


angela recada said...

Ooooh, Annie, I'm so happy for you!!!!
I'm so glad you found Alexandra and her art, I'm so glad you listened to your angel and found Venetian plaster (now you've got me interested!), and I'm so glad you get to go to Santa Fe (I adore Santa Fe!) to visit Alexandra's studio.

Good luck, too, with your grant application!

Thanks for posting the photo of your mountain, below. Seeing it always feeds my soul. And thank you for posting the links to Alexandra's work. It really is exceptional!

Mucho hugs and love,

mermaid said...

I'm so glad you get to be inspired by her work. I am inspired by yours and your willingness to stay true to your Art Heart.

Annie said...

Yoli-Thank you.xoxo
Nolly-Yes, it is the only way to live ;-). I will take photos if she is cool with it. xoxo
M.Kate-Thank you.xoxo
Melanie-Her work is so magical.xoxo
Suki-Thank you.xoxo
Kj-Well wishes are never too late!
Angela-You are so sweet. Love and hugs back.xoxo
Meramid-Thank you.xoxo

Paula In Pinetop said...

Ok Annie, give it up. I need to know all about Venetian Plaster. I've been using a lot of spackle here lately.........but venetian plaster......well the words just make my heart light up.

Lets talk! Show me !

Annie said...

Paula, email me and I will tell you all, or you could come to Taos for a play day. xoxo