Friday, April 16, 2010


It hit me the other day that being care free was the secret to a happy life.
Free of worry. Light and easy. Happy go lucky. I have been attempting to be care free my whole life. It is time to do it! Come join me in this quest. Worry never makes anything good happen.
I know this does not really qualify as a real post, but it is on my mind and I wanted to share it before I forgot :-). Love. XOXO


Lubna said...

Hi Annie,
I now have faith in positive thinking. Believe me you, I was sinking into the dark depths of fear - what will happen? That kind of fear.
However, I forced myself to think positively and it seems to be working.
Have a nice weekend. Yes, worries never sort out problems, it only compounds problems.
Rational thinking and positive thinking helps.

sukipoet said...

worry is a waste of time and energy however a difficult habit to break. am reading that Jan Frazier book now. the thing about her is it all came naturally at least at the time of writing the book. whereas for me, i have to remind myself and continually, when in certain circumstances, let go.

Doris Sturm said...

You must be a mind reader because I thought this type of attitude or philosophy makes a very worthy post; something for people to concider - to make an earnest attempt at banishing worry out of ones mind, because whether you believe it or not - for the most part one IS in charge of ones mindset (with some exceptions) and thinking and one CAN control the thoughts one allows in ones is very important to remember that we are not victims, but active participants in the attitudes we keep. That doesn't mean happy people have no difficulties, it only means they probably handle them differently.
Great post!

Unknown said...

Why does this not qualify as a good post The advice is something i must continually work on!
Thank you for reminding me.

Robin said...

Staying care-free depends, of course, on the problems life throws at you and your loved ones.... but, one must at least try to stay as upbeat and positive as possible. Feeling joy course through one's body is so is such a powerful emotion.

Keep those spirits of yours raised high, dear Anne! Good things are coming your way!


♥ Robin ♥

Annie said...

Lubna-Fear is a tricky little bugger. I am glad you thought your way out. I am not so much for rational thinking though :-). But whatever works for you. xoxo
Suki-So glad you are reading Jna's book. For me she showed it was possible to be Enlightened without being a guru. I do think that many things she did helped that happen, even if she did not know "how" it happened. We all have to keep reminding ourselves to let go:-).
Doris-You are a wise woman. xoxo
Joey-This was a reminder to myself too! xoxo
Robin-My goal is to be care free even when things don't go well. Seems impossible, but I know it is
possible. Yes, good things are happening. Love you.xoxo

becky said...

We should be carefree & happy! Life is too short to be otherwise! But for some reason (deep ruts/patterns of thinking) it can be challenging to do! I continually have to remind myself... & I aspire to live that way in a more consistent manner~ more joyful, more peaceful, more carefree..

kj said...

ha! this is a VERY worthy post!!!!

i am glad to get this sense of how you're feeling annie. i think this means you have to skip when you walk and smile randomly at passersby.

have you been to santa fe? they should know you are expecting everything good!!