Monday, April 26, 2010

New Painting

(Click on image to enlarge)
This is my new painting "Dreaming of Paris", 10"x8". I used the new technique's that Alexandra taught me when I was visiting her last Monday. These photos are not the best. The main color looks white, but really it is a buttery light yellow. The last photo is an attempt to show you what I did with the top and bottom sides. This is Venetian plaster mixed with acrylics and gouache.
Please let me know what you think...Love. XOXO
P.S. I may varnish this piece, but will show you if I do, but I kind of like the matte finish.


Robin said...'s very cool - and different! I love all the detail - and can see the colours quite clearly. I wouldn't touch it - love the matte finish!

Ooh la-la!
Tres Magnificque!


♥ Robin ♥

Annie said...

Thank you sweetie :-). xoxo

Unknown said...

I love what you do with this media. I looks "happy".

Cate said...

ooooo lalalala!!!! I LOVE IT!!! Sooo much texture and life! the colors are bravissimo! and the matte finish, fantastico!

I love it the way it is!

Kate P said...

Paris is the City of Lights. . . I think I can see them! Neat!

Annie said...

Joey-Thanks. I am happy, so perhaps it gets reflected :-).xoxo
Cat-Lovely words, thank you!xoxo
KateP-Not sure why it reminded me of Paris, but it did, also reminds of of a circus.xoxo

Lubna said...

Gorgeous. Love it.

Annie said...

Lubna-That is a wonderful compliments. Thanks! xoxo

Unknown said...

It's an interesting painting Annie :)

becky said...

so full of life & energy, this painting. i have a feeling you may be going to paris sooner than you think! love all the textural elements :)

sukipoet said...

delicious. love the textures the plaster creates or you create w/the plaster. you are inspired!

angela recada said...

Wow! I love this! The colors and textures and patterns are all gorgeous. I really think you are on to something with this, Annie. I really the like matte finish, too, since it has more of that New Mexico feel to it. Does that make sense?
I hope you are having a terrific week!

Love and hugs,

Lynn Cohen said...

I think it looks like great fun. I love texture so anything that makes that happen excites me. I bet it FELT good to work in this material.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Annie, I immediately thought birthday cake in the 1st pic because the sides were like candles and the top part like a huge cake that people below were waiting for.

Love it! So uplifting. It makes me want to touch it.

kj said...

dammit blogger! it is not nice when my comment does not appear because then annie doesn't know that i make it a point to visit her regularly.

anyhow, i love circles and swirls so the fun of this is even more fun!

oh, robin's talking french...

soulbrush said...

what do i think? i am awestruck, love love love this, the vibrancy, the colours, the 3d effect, and please don't varnish it. wow!!!

Annie said...

Becky-Thank you! I hope you are right.xoxo
Suki-Thank you! You are right, I am indeed inspired! xoxo
Angela-I always love it ehwn you come visit, and you always make sense :-). xoxo
Lynn-Yes, it was great fun and I am already making another :-). xoxo
Melanie-Thank you. It is like a cake! xoxo
Kj-I wondered what was taking you so long :-). As you can see I love circles and swirls too. xoxo
Soulbrush-Your compliments are making me blush, thank you for your very kind words. xoxo

Elena said...

Found you through Angela's blog and she's right. Your creations are beautiful.

Annie said...

Elena-THANK YOU! xoxo