Monday, April 5, 2010

Another Coyote (Trick or Treat)

Less than 3 weeks ago a coyote ran in front of my car, yesterday on my way to the place I run, another coyote ran in front of my car. This is getting spooky. Something is indeed up and I am on the lookout. Only time will tell...


kj said...

i love it! i truly think it's good, annie!

now you know things tend to happen in three's. i wonder what's next?

love love

Annie said...

Kj-I so want you to be right :-).
Love you. xoxo

sukipoet said...

wonderful photo. good luck

~Babs said...

For sure Annie,,,it's a treat!
I feel it in my bones,,,
and kj's right,,,this third thing coming has to be exceptionally good.

xxx said...

whatever you believe it to be... it will be.

from my perspective i think you are lucky to be seeing this beautiful creature and even luckier to be able to take a photo :)

best wishes

Annie said...

Suki, Babs and Robyn-Thank you and I want you to know I did NOT take the photo, but got it on a free photo site. And Robyn, you are right, I choose treat :-).

Anonymous said...

Coyote medicine. Oh!

Anonymous said...

Have you read any Charles De Lint? It was through him I learned about the 1st Nation myths about the coyote. Maybe you should do a coyote inspired piece. When something does that to me, I find woking like that concentrates my thoughts and often gives answers. Sounds like something is definitely in the air for you.

Erin Davis said...

Spooky indeed! Great picture! Maybe coyotes are actually good omens.

Doris Sturm said...

When I lived in California, we had a house near a nature preserve (canyon) and we saw coyotes all the time. They even came inside the gated community to look for food. I feel sorry for them because they are being "evicted" from their homes because of man and they are desperately trying to find food and unfortunatley that includes small pets. We lost a lot of cats and small dogs to coyotes when I lived there. It's very, very sad! Wildlife is not going to be around for much longer. Be sure and keep your cats and dogs inside unless you're out there with them. Remember, coyotes can jump over high walls very easily, so don't even run in for a second to answer the phone or you'll be in for a surprise! They are very smart - and desperate! Nice photo!

Unknown said...

Right now, I could use some coyotes! Send some my way would ya?

Unknown said...

What do they do and are they dangereous..we dont have coyote here, havent seen one either. Happy week annie.

angela recada said...

Those tricky coyotes! I wish you the best of everything, dear Annie.

Thanks for your comment on my blog today, too! I tried to publish it in my comment section, but Blogger ate it and insists it was published. Grrrr.

mermaid said...

Spookie, but cool. I'm sure it is an omen of animal instinct prevailing over planning intellect.

Annie said...

Melanie-I don't know that writer, I know a lot about coyotes though.
They always come to me whenever things are about to change in a big way. That does not mean they come to all people that way.
Erin-Good and bad are just perceptions, but I am hoping for happy changes :-).
Doris- My cats are indoor cats as I live in town and between crazy neighbors and crazy drivers and dogs on the loose, never mind the coyotes at night :-).
Joey-They are on their way :-).
M.Kate-I love coyotes, but they are dangrous to small animals. Not to people.
Angela-That darn blogger! Thanks for coming and letting me know.
Big hugs. xoxo
Mermaid- I like that.

Cate said...

I love Coyotes! We see them more and more often around here. Hear them a lot more than that. Haven't had the opportunity to capture one on my camera...yet, but I will!


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