Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Animal Wednesday

This Sweet boy is my dog Zeus. He is very old, and is having a hard time. Sometimes he falls and most times I have to lift him into the car, but he still runs with me. We never go more than a mile because the vet said not to. He loves it though and we will continue to go until the end.
He is the sweetest dog in all the world and makes friends with all animals and people.
Happy Wednesday! XOXO


Pattee said...

Aw he looks like a sweet dog.
It's so hard to see our animals get old.... I'm so glad he still runs with you~: )

Annie said...

Pattee-Yes, it is so hard, but nothing to be done about it, but love em and take it a day at a time. xoxo

Robin said...

Zeus-y..... our Angel doggie....who loves to herd the cats! He is beautiful and I love him - almost as much as you do.
(No one can ove him as much as his Mom!)

Please give him many kisses from his Auntie Robin!


♥ Robin ♥

Unknown said...

He is old and can still run a mile? What a heart this one has!

Annie said...

Robin-He sends kisses. xoxo
Joey- He would run a hundred miles if I asked him too, he is ALL heart. xoxo

Teri and her Stylish Cats ~ Coco the Couture Cat, FurryDance Brighton, and Disco NoFurNo said...

his full of kindness and love.

Lynn Cohen said...

What a sweet heart. Enjoy him! He surely enjoys you. ;-)

kj said...

i could cry. because of love.

i love dogs so much. be careful you don't ask him to run with you too far, annie. i know you don't and you won't but i had to say that. you know how that is, right?

he is clearly a wonderful dog.




Yoli said...

Annie you are a dear soul. You have a soft spot for animals which I treasure. I am always closer to animals than humans. I hope your boy lasts many more years in good health. We all get old but as long as there is quality of life, we should be allowed to carry on.

Erin Davis said...

You are precious, Zeus! A god among dogs, to be sure!

willowtree said...

Great looking dog! He looks a bit like Boscoe (Laurie's dog)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely lad. You're giving him a good quality of life and that is what matters.

Love his sweet expression.

xxx said...

a big hug for your much loved dog.

i too have an old much loved dog :)

x Robyn

sukipoet said...

aw, he is just a doll and so sweet to run a mile with you and be special friends with you. Kiss kiss hug hug to Zeus.

angela recada said...

He's beautiful! I think it's so wonderful that you are giving Zeus so much love and care, and are allowing him to have his dignity in his old age. He has such a contented look on his sweet face. His eyes so expressive!

Did I every tell you? We adopted our Australian Shepherd, Beau, 4 years ago when he was 6 or 7. Even then he already had a serious tremor in his hind legs. Since then, he's had bladder surgery and a growth removed from his lower spine. He almost died from a serious infection after the second surgery, but we're so lucky he's still with us.

We have to help Beau sometimes, too, because his hind legs don't always work anymore. And we can't go for long walks anymore, either, because he might not be able to make it back home or to the car.

It's sad to see them get old. I understand your deep love for your Zeus.

I know you'll enjoy each day you have together. Look into his gorgeous eyes, because they will tell you how he's feeling.

Many, many hugs and lots of love,

Lubna said...

Hi Zeus,
Nice to meet you. You are so lucky to have Annie and Annie is lucky to have you. A huge hug.

ExtraO said...

aww... what a lucky boy to have you.

Annie said...

Everybody-Zeus says hello, and thank you for all the well wishes :-). As for the running, I am a slow runner and if he lags behind I walk so he can catch up, somedays we just walk. My knees are not so good these days, but Zeus really comes alive with joy when he is running, so I think that keeps him going :-). xoxo

Anonymous said...

I just saw this photo of your dog on Angela Recada's blog (as your profile photo) and I just had to see it up close and personal. Such a beautiful dog. You have to see my two kinda' similar canine friends on my blog about Letting the Dogs Lead Me! Cheers!

Pattee said...

Thanks you ~
I love your blog....

Chicks are so cute when they are babies... well anything is cute as a baby LOL!

Hugs ~Pattee

Annie said...

Linda-Thanks for stopping by, I loved your story :-).xoxo
Pattee-So happy to see you here.

nollyposh said...

(((hugz))) for Zeus and *Annie*