Friday, April 23, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Not real lions and tigers and bears only beliefs and fear. If you have not read the post below, please do as this post will not make any sense unless you do :-). The scary stuff has already started. I lost one of my biweekly jobs today, not a whole lot of money, but these days it does not take much and I could be in trouble. Of course it brought up all sorts of fears and negative beliefs with which to work with. Robert said I would not have to go looking for the beliefs, that they would pop up due to events that would start happening, and now it has begun. I did the process he gives in the book and I felt better, I did it again and I feel almost not scared. So, I will do it until I have no fear at all :-). Also a funny thing today on the back of a windshield I saw painted, Illusions, as if I needed a reminder, and then I received an invite to an art opening for a man who makes hologram art :-). It made me chuckle. The Universe really is such a magical and wonderful place. I will trust and hold on tight. Also Happy belated Earth day. Everyday should be earth day :-). XOXO


sukipoet said...

sorry about the job loss. nice you have the book to refer to and exercises to help with the fear. Maybe a space is clearing for a bigger and better job to fill in? remember to breathe.

Robin said...

Oh, Anne... I did not know about the job loss.... but, I DO KNOW YOU.....and you are a strong woman who will climb back from this....

Sending you love and courage for a better future,

Love, always,

♥ Robin ♥

Jos said...

Money causes fear in so many of us. The need to have enough, the desire to have more than enough. So easy to be sceptical when someone says "hey ... have you tried this?" I hope your journey of discovery leads to a good place. xx

Doris Sturm said...

Glad you are finding this book helpful. I have worked in a training facility where motivational tools were implemented for managers in handling their careers and make them successful. I forgot the name of the course, but it does sound similar to what you are talking about. I know money worries can be very, very frightning, especially when you are the sole breadwinner and have children to feed...but also if you are alone and responsible for yourself and maybe a few pets (like me.) Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I give it up to God and look back and find comfort in knowing he has not forsaken me thus far and I'm sure he'll continue sending me his angels to watch over me...and let me tell you, I believe that I have kept several angels very, very busy indeed ;-) I always imagine my Guardian Angel to be like "Michael" in that movie with John Travolta - remember that one?
Good luck in all your enedeavors and I'm glad that you are finding this book helpful.

Annie said...

Suki-One can hope :-).xoxo
Robin-Thank you. Love.xoxo
Jos-Thank you! xoxo
Doris-Yes, I believe that too and always have. I am always taken care of and my angels are pretty busy too :-). xoxo

mermaid said...

Happy Belated Earth Day, Dear Annie. May the fear transform into a beautiful hologram, and then into a beautiful heart!

kj said...


you and i both know you will be okay. not to mention you are okay now...

stella is better, annie. she is walking without falling now and thurs she sees a surgeon for her tumor. i think it will be okay too.

i am sending official new job vibes to add to the certainty.

love love

Annie said...

Mermaid-Thank you!xoxo
Kj-I am glad Stella is okay, I have, for years been learning to love uncertainty, nothng is ever certain anyway may as well embrace
not knowing :-). xoxo
P.S. And yes, I know all is well.

nollyposh said...

oh *squeal* Love it! X:-)