Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Randomness

"There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle"- Albert Einstein
It actually snowed a couple days ago, but it only stuck on the mountain. Today it is Spring again.
I have this glorious Sunday off. A little yard work, then I am going to play with my new techniques with the Venetian plaster. A little reading and napping too. A PERFECT day.
More and more I am learning to love my life so much, just as it is.
I stayed up late last night researching this hologram theory. You would be surprised how many people believe it and that there is some proof. Many scientists are doing studies to prove it.
FUN stuff, if you have an open mind for that kind of thinking. Which I do :-). I had an experience when I was in my twenties that always left me thinking that the world was a little different then we thought it was: I woke up from a dream in the middle of the night, I had been dreaming that I was in a castle and there was this huge bed and chair, when I sit up in my bed, the bed was the one in the castle and the chair was in the room too, all my "real" furniture was gone, I could see the castle bed and chair start to recede and turn transparent and my furniture came forward and became solid. You may think perhaps I was still dreaming, but I was fully awake and I had turned on the light, so I did not "Imagine" it. True story. Life is such a mystery, isn't it wonderful?! I am off for a yummy breakfast and a little reading in bed before I start this grand day in Earnest. Happy Sunday! XOXO


kj said...

haha! you posted this 25 minutes ago and here i am. i only have time to say hello and i agree with you. i don't think time is linear, for one thing

and i definitely believe in miracles.

and yet, how fragile and human i can be! maybe that is really a strength and i have it upside down!

i am going to check out what you are learning about, annie. i think i am on the verge of a major transformation, all for the better and best. i think you too. and wrobin. and suki.

and who else?

love love love to you on this perfect sunday you have all to yourself.

ExtraO said...

Oooh.... weird. What was your theory right after it happened?

Annie said...

Kj-I love you! xoxo And EVERYTHING is a strength.
EOM-I thought that perhaps everything was a dream, and that things were not as "solid" as we thought, of course scientists have proven that nothing is really solid and that everything is moving. xoxo

Robin said...

I am a believer in miracles too!
But, we are human and thus, fall back into the "human condition" state of thinking - which includes fear and doubt.

We must try (and it is harder on some days more than others) to accept life as it is and continue on our "journeys"....but, nevertheless, live life to the fullest, spread joy and love and try not to harm anyone.

There is beauty and hope for all -


♥ Robin ♥

Unknown said...

have not heard of the hologram universe, but have heard of all the stuff leading to that, of course, i follow all that stuff or is it nonsense?
Miracles on the other hand, i rely on day after day, just to survive.

Doris Sturm said...

Sounds like you have a lovely day planned. I really enjoyed looking at the photo with the snow capped mountains.
I find miracles every day, but I remember when I was going through some horriffic drama and hardship in my life, it seemed like I was in hell - depends on where you're at in your life that determines ones attitude. Right now I feel blessed and thankful to be alive...and in retrospect I've discovered that I'm stronger than I thought I was. Right now I feel that every day is a gift.
Happy Sunday to you as well :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes every day should be treated like a miracle. There are endless possibilities when we wake up. Unfortunately we often whittle them down to the sensible and mundane ones and wonder why we are disappointed.

becky said...

Einstein has some wonderful quotes~ I love this one!
Sounds like a wonderful day off~ Enjoy!

soulbrush said...

thanks for coming to visit my blog,i hope we will be good friends now.

Annie said...

Robin-Wise words. Love. xoxo
Joey-Who cares if it's true, we won't know for sure until we die anyway :-). Miracles are indeed REAL.xoxo
Doris-See, I think it is your attitude that determines where you are in life, not the other way around :-).xoxo
Melanie-Even the mundane can be beautiful, this is what I am learning. xoxo
Becky-It is one of my favorites.xoxo
SoulBrush- We will, how can we not :-)? xoxo

Unknown said...

Hello Annie, so glad you are feeling good about everything..I find it hard to feel good all the time. However, somehow, happiness bounce back in many difference way. For you is your art..and for me, is my garden..sometimes kids when they are not arguing haha! I do believe in miracles and at times when I look back and think of all the adversities in life, I find myself so blessed to have beautiful people surrounding me. Happy day my friend, love and hugs...M

~Babs said...

Sounds like a perfect Sunday.

I always wear my pendant that says:
"Expect A Miracle"
And I do,,,,expect, that is. And receive them daily. Some larger than others, but miracles all.
Life itself is just one big miracle full of smaller ones.

nollyposh said...

i ~Love~ that we are living in an Age where science is starting to explain such things that used to be considered impossible, where science is meeting spirituality, it must be the Age of Miracles X:-) X:-0 X:-)

angela recada said...

I love thinking about these kinds of things, too! There is so much we don't know, and there are so many mysteries yet to be discovered and solved. I firmly believe that we can't even begin to imagine all the wonders of the Universe, and that our five senses aren't advanced enough to even detect what might be right here on Earth with us.

It doesn't make me afraid - it gives me hope.