Tuesday, April 7, 2009

All Consuming

I have been a bad blogger lately, but I have a good excuse: I have been working on my book and I have to say I may actually finish it :-). I also completed the best bowl I have made yet, I will share photos soon. Spring has inspired in me a need to do. I have a list a mile long of things I want to do this month:
1.Paint my bedroom sea blue.
2.Clean my yard.
3.Finish the book.
4.De clutter my house.
5. Do collage, learn how to use my scanner and make more ceramics.
6. Cut my hair.
That is my list so far, it grows everyday :-).
How has Spring inspired you?
P.S. Mom is still in hospital, but she continues to improve.
Thank you for your good thoughts and prayers.


Sizzle said...

The sun just came out this weekend (and I hear the rains are returning again tomorrow- boo on that!) but I was inspired to clean. I have a list of long term and short term organizational projects to tackle. It helps when I can open the windows and feel a breeze.

Yoli said...

Oh you will have to post a picture of your new haircut! Congratulations of finishing the book and painting your room that lovely shade will be dreamy.

Annie Coe said...

Yoli-I take horrible photos :-),the book is not done yet, but I WILL finish it and yes, it is a dreamy color, I will share photos when I am done painting it.

Unknown said...

Oh..Annie, dont we all know it. Too many things to do with too little time, I face that every weekend and wished I had more hours. Take your time and do your best, am sure it will turn out well. love/m

XUE said...

Sea blue bedroom - that's dreamy! We had a room that was blue with silver dragonflies, in our previous home. We still dream of that room.

Dagny said...

So glad your Mom is doing well. :)


sukipoet said...

glad your mom continues to improve. that's a cool list of things to do. spring seems to energize and make one want to tidy up ones life and living quarters for sure. cold her today though.

Mary-Laure said...

I'm glad to hear your mum is recovering...

Laura Doyle said...

Spring brings such invigorating ambitions! That's a list of fun things...nothing boring or tedious. : D I'm happy to hear your mom is improving!

As for how has spring inspired me? Two things: incorporate more fluidity, grace, and focus into my life; and get out into the woods and learn more wild plant identification.