Monday, April 27, 2009

Good News!

I had a busy day, today. I was accepted into another gallery, and they want all my small paintings and a couple big ones, none of which were ready to hang, so I spent the rest of the day
getting 14 paintings ready. Now my shoulder hurts. Serves me right for not having them ready :-).
Please, everyone, put your good thoughts and prayers my way, to sell something soon. It would help so much.
As you know I have been finishing my book and I have several titles, it would be so great if you all would vote on your favorite, or tell me they all stink, if you think so. I have thick skin. I am so close to it, I can't tell if they are good or not :-). Or if there is already a book by that title! Any one know how I find that out, please share.
1. How to Live a Blissful Life.
2 The Happiness Book
3. Trust where you are.
That is all I have so far. The title is proving to me harder than the book :-).
Thanks for your help. Happy Monday. XOXO


willowtree said...

"Trust where you are" is the most intriguing and therefore more likely to be picked up and perused.

Unknown said...

Yay!! I am super happy for you Annie...what a huge progress and jump from the past few weeks. As a friend, I am so glad that it is working out well for your. I like "trust where you are" - simple, straight from the heart and sort of sums what you have been doing in the past and to be what you are. Great job Annie, I am happy.xoxoxo M

Mrs.Rotty said...

Hi, i just started following your blog. I think you have an awesome blog.

I think "trust where you are" is the best out of the three options. i love the title. simple, but beautiful.

you seem like you have a huge heart. the world will bless you with amazing things.

studio lolo said...

I finally made it over here Annie!
I like the title "Trust Where You Are" too. I'd want to know what's inside!

I love the photo of Buddha and the pets on the couch in the background. I feel your gentle spirit here...that's nice.

Now I'm off to see your Etsy shop!
I'd love to know more about this book of yours and who's publishing it.

Have a gentle day~

Unknown said...

HOORAY:>)and I'm clapping!! Good for you, grrrrlie.
Those titles aren't snagging me yet. Let me percolate a while on them.
You didn't want to use Blissful Bohemian???

Annie said...

Thanks everyone!
Welcome, Mrs. Rotty and Studio lolo.
No publisher yet :-). The book is about spiritual practices I have been doing for 30 years and a few stories from my life. It is small, only about 60 pages. I will share bits of it when I am done.
Shiny! Yes, I did think of Blissful Bohemian, but it is more about being in bliss than being a bohemian :-).

ExtraO said...

I like, "How to Live a Blissful Life"

Congrats and good luck with the paintings.

Lubna said...

I so agree with Shiny. Blissful Bohemian is catchy, even if it is all about being blissful.
Have you tried authonomy? A few books have got published. It is a harper collins venture for new authors. Basically you just upload your book and if lucky, well you get selected.

sukipoet said...

to find out if a title has been used just type it in to google search or whatever search engine you use. of course, titles are not copyrighted so you can use previously used titles as far as that goes.

i like blissful bohemian too. it is catchy. Trust where you are sounds very Pema Chodron. i think there is a Happiness book out there. The first is too long.

congrats on getting another gallery. best of luck

Erin Davis said...

Congratulations, Annie. Things are going your way. I, too, like "Trust Where You Are."

Suzanne said...

"Trust where you are" lit up for me, too. It just expresses a powerful desire I have so well.

All is well. :)

Unknown said...

TRUST where you are!
So happy for your gallery entries!
Sorry for the sore shoulder, got mone myself....
Good karma coming your way!

Anonymous said...

"Trust Where You Are" gets my vote. There are a lot of self help books promising total happiness etc. so I think the happiness one would get lost on the shelf.

Congratulations on being accepted at a new gallery. I am so pleased for you. I knew you could do it!

Annie said...

"Trust Where You are" is the clear winner and my favorite too, a close runner up is Blissful Bohemian, which I feel is the best title, but does not really fit what the book is about. Thank you all for your help! xoxo

Sizzle said...

Congrats on the gallery gigs! I like Trust where you are.

Anonymous said...

So far "Trust Where You Are" attracts me the most.