Saturday, April 11, 2009

Now on my Etsy site

I know you have already seen this, but I had to show you the professional photo :-).
Mom went home yesterday! YAY. It makes me more than happy. Time is flying and I will get back here with a real post soon. Happy Saturday. XOXO


sukipoet said...

glad yr mom is home now. a much nicer place to be and heal than the hospital for sure. great about yr mugs on yr site. have a nice easter.

Unknown said...

Wonderful News!
And the photo is great.
Happy Easter;-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your Mum going home. I hope she rests well and recovers fully. As for your 2 mug styles, I love the blue colouring and the decoration of the black and white one. Well done for getting professional photos sorted. I hope this leads to more things for you creatively. It is great that you have finished your book. I keep being bitten by the writing bug- tad unfortunate with so many birthdays to make for at the mo. LOL Typical!

Sorry this is a catch up. :-)

robin laws said...

i am delighted to hear your mom is home! that you are clearly relieved yes!

take care. beautiful pottery mug annie :)