Thursday, August 14, 2008

My day

It usually starts here 4-5 days a week. This is where I run.
Actually my day starts with coffee and meditation :-). Then I run.
After that I do all the things we all do to get ready for our day.
Today was a day off, so I did errands and then I had some
excitement. I took my clay to get fired :-). It was actually one
of my Be Brave challenges. It should not be a scary thing to
do, but it was for me. Why? I think it is because it is something
new and unknown. I love the way I feel after I do the stuff I am afraid
of and today was no different. I had some fun and bought some glazes
which I am excited to try and the very best thing of all is that I learned
there is a tool called a glazing pencil! That means I can draw on the clay.
I can't explain exactly why that makes my heart sing, but it does :-).
I won't be able to pick up the fired pieces until next Thursday, so I
will work on the book until then. Oh, another fun thing that happened
was, as I was driving to the firing place, I had a thought that I may see
my friend Joe there (he is a maker of beautiful clay sculptures). Sure
enough he arrived just minutes after I did. I love when that happens :-).
It was a lovely day, and there are still a few more hours left of it.
How was your day? What great thing happened to you today?
Have a beautiful evening everyone.


Unknown said...

Hello Annie, this is BEAUTIFUL..I'd love to run with you there one day!! I was running...erm.. brisk walking 3 times a week last year, stopped this year due to the change of timing for the kids (we have to send to school @ 6.30 am) there goes my walking exercise! It looks quite deserted, is it safe for you to walk alone? You have a great weekend my friend, much love and great hugs :D

willowtree said...

Beep beep!

Em said...

Nice place for a run!!

mermaid said...

I am happy that you had a wonderful day. I can see your happiness all the way from New Mexico here in California out my window! Art therapy for ther self is so helaing, as you already know.

jennifer said...

This is so pretty and quiet looking. It reminds me of when we lived in High desert Idaho. so peaceful.