Friday, August 1, 2008

Being Brave

I am on week two of the Be Brave project and I want to share
a few insights. Some days I do 3 or 4 brave things and then some
days nothing comes up to challenge me. I figure it all evens out.
How I am doing this, is: during the day if something I need or want
to do makes me feel uncomfortable I get quiet and listen, to figure
out if it is fear or something else, like common sense :-). If it is fear
I push through it and do it anyway. It always feels good. I think I
could become addicted to this. I can't believe almost two weeks have
passed already. Something else I have noticed, it can be the smallest,
most normal things that scare me, like a making a phone call, or visiting
a new friend. I am not sure why that is, but it feels good to override
the fear. I encourage all of you to try it. You don't have to commit to
the project, but just try it out for yourself, the next time something
comes up that scares you. I promise it will enliven your life :-).
Anything that helps you be less on auto pilot is a good thing.
Happy Friday!


robin laws said...

i really enjoy hearing about this journey annie :) thanks for including us.

Sizzle said...

Ok I will try!

Julie said...

I'm glad you're doing so well. Keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

Dearest Annie, you seem to have live a challenging life. I have many fears and always push the boundaries on what I could overcome. The results : feeling of great accomplishment, all set for the next long as it does not involve any sewing or baking, I'm in (most of the times) hahaha..big hugs always

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this Annie. The biggest thing I did this Summer was gather a petition with my neighbours against a developer. I then had to research grounds for why this shouldn't go ahead according to the council's own policies, and read my speech to the whole Planning Committee. I seriously don't do public speaking, or strangers but I reached this place of utter calm way beyond fear where I knew I was doing the right things and I would kick myself if I let down those people who signed the petition. The utter elation when it was done was wonderful. I bought some kitchen scales, so whenever I use them, I remember that act of bravery.
I think now you've given some examples of everyday bravery I'll have a go at making those calls I put off.

Thanks Annie

sukipoet said...

Annie you are inspiring. I like the distinction you make between fear causing the discomfort vs common sense. Sometimes it's hard to tell, but taking the time to sit with it seems to work for you. I'll try to remember that. I agree that life is best lived NOT on auto pilot. Blessings, suki

Annie Coe said...

Robin-You are welcome :-).
Sizzle-Go for it!
M.Kate-You ARE fearless.
Melanie-Public speaking is scary! You are awesome :-).
Suki-Sometimes it is easier than others to tell when it is really fear or just something not right for you to do.It's not always clear at first.