Friday, August 29, 2008


This photo is one I took yesterday. 10 doves were
in the tree and it looked so cool. If I had a high
powered lens it would be a really wonderful photo,
as it is I hope you can see the doves :-). I took all
my glazed pottery to the firing place today and she
said I will be surprised by how many will come out alright.
We will see. Many of the things shrunk, so they will likely
be too small to sell :-), but I am learning. Now I am making
things really LARGE :-). Also working on the book and
making phone calls. It is lovely to be home with my
animal boys, they like it too. That's it, just wanted to say hi.
Happy weekend! XOXO


Sizzle said...

hello! and happy weekend! :-)

Em said...

As long as you're enjoying the learning process it's all good.

Unknown said...

Hello Annie, stopping by to say happy weekend and enjoy all your pottery and writting the much awaited book too. We dont see doves here so often, yes, it would be fun to have those zoom lenses...i wished that a thousand times :D hugs

sukipoet said...

Remember your readers can click to enlarge. Really nice doves. Like leaves on the bare branches. I forget if you are making your pots on a wheel or handbuilding?? Have a peaceful WE puttering and working.

Annie Coe said...

Em-I am LOVING the process :-).
m.kate-Yes, bigger lenses!
Suki-Thanks, I feed these doves too and they are so sweet. I do all my pottery by hand building, some coil, some slab, some pinch pot method.

Unknown said...

You are kicking butt, girl!! Good for you. Happy Labor Day. Enjoy.

Julie said...

Have a great weekend! The photo is beautiful.

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