Saturday, August 23, 2008

What's happening so far...

I thought I would update you all on my progress
so far. Since I quit my job I have cleaned my house,
hey, I feel better when my house is clean :-). I have
called my friend L to get photos taken of my art,
and he is coming over next week to do so, this will be
a huge step in the art direction. Today I went to see
the owner of my favorite gallery (and where I want to
show my work) to let him know I was available for a
part time position. He does not have anything right now,
but you never know what can happen. I have also begun
making some more bowls and mugs and pottery things. My goal
is to have my Esty shop open in three weeks. I won't have
much on there for probably 5 weeks, but I want to get
it started. Tomorrow I will work on pottery and the book.
I am attempting to change my old pattern of only working
on one thing at a time :-). The thing about not having a job
and money coming in, is that you tend to get things done that
you have put off far too long. If I went out and got a regular,
full time job I would not be hungry and when I am not hungry
I get comfortable and let things slide. This way I have to
get my art out there, no more waiting around. I love that you all
are going to go on this new adventure with me :-). It keeps me on
my toes and keeps me brave. Thanks for being there ;-).
The photo is of the sky in New Mexico. XOXO Happy weekend!


Em said...

I'm glad we get to go on this new adventure with you too.

Unknown said...

Hello Annie, I am glad that things are moving in some direction :D much love and hugs always

Inherently Different said...

The best thing I ever did was quit my 9-5 job (really it was closer to a 6 am to 7 pm job, but who is counting?) and moved to Maui. It opened creative doors that I had left untapped for years and has provided enough money to be solvent. If i wasn't trying to balance surfing time with profit, I could make more i suppose, but I am happy and thats what counts. Good for you and good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie well done for making a start in this new direction. I get more done when I make lists. I tick off what I've managed before bed- it's what works for me.
Sometimes it's the times we put ourselves under some pressure that we can get seriously creative with what we have.
This was my fortune cookie the other week: "Find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life". I've kept it.

robin laws said...

that sky in new mexico is all the inspiration a painter/potter could desire. i do know what you mean about getting things done "when your hungry" metaphorically and in reality!
take care and talk to the gods annie!

mermaid said...

The clouds are clearing for some amazing blue!