Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Quit

That is what I did, I quit my job. I must say I am
as shocked as anyone, but it was time and I could
not think about it or I would not have done it, and
it needed to be done. All I will say is that a human
being can only be treated like a dog so much and
then they bite back. I would have liked to have quit
in a more calm manner than I did :-), but perhaps if I
had been calm I would not have done it and like I say
it was long overdue. I have no idea what I will do, or
what is next, if I were selling paintings I would just
stay home and paint and make clay, but I am not selling
at the moment (few are), so I don't see that as an option.
I have enough to get me through until the end of September
which means I need to start making money in at least 2-3 weeks,
or else. I am still in a bit of shock about it, but I also feel
free and I feel like I have my soul back :-). Today I am just
going to let my mind wonder and dream of what I want next.
Tomorrow I may or may not take action, I may take a few days
of much needed rest first and start the job search on Monday.
If you would, pray to whatever God for me,
what I need most at this moment is guidance. Thanks!


Em said...

I tried to leave a comment already but apparently it didn't take. It basically said: Wow! Awesome! I'm sure you will find another income source soon. Good for you. :-)

Also, I'd love to hear all the details.

willowtree said...

Good for you!!! It's scary, but at the same time exhilarating.

Unknown said...

Hello Annie,
I opened my blog and saw this header first and came here straight away. I am quite shock, but I fully understand. I worked for a company for 18 years and one day I told myself, enough is enough and i am going nowhere. So, I quit and hooked up a partnership with some overseas people and now entering into my 5th year. It was tough at the beginning but now I am SO GLAD I did it. there will be better opportunities for you in the future, even better ones. Dont let go of that does come true!!

much love and big hugs to you my good friend :D

mermaid said...

Let your intention be without any boundaries.

Sizzle said...

Oh wow! That's a big change but you're right- sometimes you have to bite back. Relish in this free feeling and let it guide you to the next thing.

Julie said...


I'm so happy for you.

sukipoet said...

Talk about brave! Savor these few days of transition before you plunge into the fray again. Thank you for your comments re: my Sister in law's death. I felt so warmed by them. Blessings, Suki

Annie Coe said...

em-Thanks! I will email soon.
wt-Yes, it is a roller coaster ride :-).
m.kate-Thanks for your words of comfort and love, I love you too.
Mermaid-You have a wonderful way with words :-).
Suki- You are so wise and you are welcome, you deserve all the love coming your way...

Annie Coe said...

Sizzle-somehow I missed you! Thanks and I love what you said :-).

Lorie McCown said...

Now that is brave. Your new path is now starting! As others have said, keep an open mind, and talk to people, they can help! Blessings.

Unknown said...

I was worried...I'm all about the health insurance benefits!...until I saw your words, "I feel like I have my soul back." That's all I need to hear to know you're on a good path. When you have a chance read the Mary Oliver poem I posted today. I can see now that it was meant for you.

robin laws said...

i am going fro mback to front so i don't know what you have said since this momentous post. i will say you have great blogging friends who seem to understand what you need and support your own wisdom about your path.

here is my plea to all the gods that might guide annie. help her see her own light on the path. amen.