Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's e.e.cummings' Tuesday!

I know some of you hate poetry and for you I have this lovely
photo by Geraint Smith. For the few of you who love poetry and
e.e.cummings, I have this sweet poem. Makes one believe in
magic :-). Enjoy. XOXOXO
if i love you
(thickness means
worlds inhabited by roamingly
stern bright faeries
if you love
me) distance is mind carefully
luminous with innumerable gnomes
Of complete dream
if we love each (shyly)
other, what clouds do or Silently
Flowers resembles beauty
less than our breathing


Unknown said...

Annie, I love your fact, everytime I pop over, I have to think hard at times (in a good way) on the things that you post..good for my brain-cells - too used to seeing pictures & not thinking much I guess.

ah..the poem of love, what's life without love, i cant imagine it,
what's hope without hope,
cant live without it..ok..i better stop now, nothing rhymes anyway.

much love and hugs always

Unknown said...

i meant what's hope without love..

willowtree said...

I'm going with the photo.

Em said...

Beautiful photo! :-)

sukipoet said...

Beautiful photo. I read the poem a number of times. Partially understand, that our(the lovers) breathing together in love is more beautiful than flowers. His poems always challenge my mind and make me squint my left brain and let my right brain exercise.

Annie Coe said...

m.kate-This is an e.e.cummings poem, but I wish I had written it :-). he makes my brain work overtime too.
em-Not a poetry fan huh?
Suki-He always makes me work my brain overtime too, that's why I love him so :-).

Em said...

I have nothing against poetry.

Annie Coe said...

em-I just assumed :-). Sorry.

Sizzle said...

You know how I feel about e.e. :-)

Annie Coe said...

Yes, Sizzle, I do e.e. day mostly for you :-).