Thursday, August 21, 2008

Being more Brave

This being brave stuff keeps getting more intense :-).
When I asked myself what I really wanted to do (not
what should I do, or what do I have to do) the answer
was clear:ART. I want to paint, make pottery and sculptures
and write. It may take some time to get it all going, but
my plan is to do odd jobs and do my art. Mind you I have
very little money and the only thing in place is that some
of my paintings are in a gallery already. When I get new
photos taken of my work I am going to do a mass email
to almost every gallery in Santa Fe. If I have two galleries
I have more of a chance to sell. I am also going to finish my book
and sell it as an e-book. My plan for the pottery is to sell it
on the blog or open an Esty shop(Suki, would you give me
your take on that?) and sell pottery and small paintings there.
Another thing I plan to do is apply for the Krasner/Pollock grant.
In the mean time I will do any job that comes up and I may get
a weekend job at a gallery (going Saturday to check that out).
Today I got my fired pottery pieces back and they all made it!
Now I am off to begin the glazing adventure :-). I promise to
show pictures of before and after.
That in a nutshell is what I plan to do. If any self employed
of you out there has any advice, please share. Thanks.


Em said...

Sounds like a good plan, Annie. I hope it works out. :-)

Unknown said...

Annie Dearest :D
Go for it!! Just keep thinking positive and never let go of your dreams, you'll not only make it, you'll do GREAT. Definitely sounds like a good plan,'ve had everything figured out :p

much love and hugs, have a blessed weekend dear

mermaid said...

Being braver also means seeing everything, which you seem to be doing. I will not wish you good luck. May you be peaceful and at ease.

sukipoet said...

You are choosing to follow your heart, annie. Who knows what wonders will arise. Re: Etsy. My reason for joining was to have a place to display things I was making. I didnt expect to sell a lot, as I dont even make a lot of things really. A bonus was I sold a few things. That said,it is pretty easy to set up and add photos and it does give folks a place to go to see what you are selling.

Lisa said...

Oh yay! I was sad for just a moment. I found your blog while searching for another with a similar name but the page landed me on your November 2007 page! I thought it was your last post at first and was so disappointed but then I clicked on your blog name and voila! Here you are, all nice and current. A new addiction. xoxox Congrats on quitting your job and following your dream. I truly believe we can do or be anything we want. The moment we start following the path, the Universe makes all good things come our way.

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie, well done for being brave. If the job was making you unhappy it was right to leave. You do have to follow your dream. It may be a longer road than you thought to do it, but imagine what you have learned on the journey!

I hope you find the right place you need to be at while you sort out how to best sell your art.

Annie Coe said...

Thanks everyone for your kind words and wishes. XOXO

Dr. Jay SW said...

I'm in a similar position...deciding in my early forties that it's time to be Van Gogh if I wanna be Van Gogh (metaphorically, that is--I'm a writer, not a painter, and I'm not into the self-destructive part, just the giving all to art part...). I guess the only advice I can give is that which I find it so hard to go for it without being constantly bound back by self-doubt...really do it and see what Van Gogh...but without the madness and know what I mean...I hope....