Saturday, August 9, 2008

Changing gears

So, the other day I started working on my book again.
I have abandoned it for about nine months. Why?
I had come to think it was done and I was waiting for a
friend of mine to make time to edit it. I had already rewritten
much of it and felt I could do no more. Boy was I wrong.
First, before I go any further I should tell you a little of
what my book is about: I have been on a spiritual journey
for most of my life and thought I would write a book about some
of the things I had learned, so I could help others on the journey.
In the course of the last 9 months while I was waiting for my friend
to edit my book, I have learned another 30 years worth of insights.
Much of what I wrote in the book has shifted for me. I feel
the book should reflect the truth as I believe it to be, so now I
am faced with rewriting it almost from scratch. I have
to confess it is daunting and scary. In keeping with my Be Brave
project I have begun the process :-). I miss working with my clay
and I am missing painting very much, but right now this will
be my focus for at least the next week or two perhaps even
until I am done. I want to ask the writers out there if something
like this has ever happened to them? Also are there any editors out
there that would agree to edit the book when it is done, in trade for a painting?
Would any of you be interested in reading my book when I am done?
I will keep you posted on my progress.
Have a wonderful weekend all. XOXOXO


willowtree said...

Hey, you know me, I'm about as deep as a petri dish, so I'm not the best one to talk to about insights.

Julie said...

I'd love to read it!

Em said...

I'd love to read it.

Annie Coe said...

wt-You are deeper than you think
Julie and em-I'll hold you to that.

sukipoet said...

I'd love to read it too. I have a published several books and numerous short stories. I am not an official editor but I love to read and comment and have spent many years in writing groups where we share our works in process. I also have an MFA in Writing degree and have taught writing in a community college. Though sometimes it's good to have non writers read the work as that's primarily who will buy it and read it. I'd be happy to read it either as just an interested person or as a writer with comments. Sounds good Annie. Probably what I should do with my novel that's been sitting around--completely rewrite it. As i said in another note I do believe the writing of a book is in the revision process. However, I do throw out a ? As we seekers in the world are always learning and perhaps alway changing how we look at the world, can you as a writer of the process ever catch up to where you are now??? Do you know what I mean. What you wrote before is the place you were at then, and that's good and okay. I have heard authors interviewed and had something they wrote quoted back to them and they say--I wrote that??? It may not be at all what they think in the present moment, but it was what they thought and how they saw then. At any rate I can go on and on about writing. Best of luck as you work on your book. It sounds great.

Anonymous said...

Hia Annie, I've been working on my 7th novel sized story today instead of housework and crafting. Well done for having the courage to go back and re-read. If I go back too soon, I can picture what I meant to say very clearly rather than what I have actually written. For me a time space is a good thing to be able to reassess what I've written and work out what is worth keeping and what needs re-writing or scrapping.

Well done on being brave.

Annie Coe said...

Suki-I would love for you to read it :-).
Melanie-You are amazing! You do all that craft and write too!

Unknown said...

Dearest Annie, we've been there sometimes. Wanting to do something, not finishing it, wishing we could complete it..for me..most of the time anyway. So, hang in there esp with your Be Brave project on this book as I sure want to read it one day. Have a blessed week ahead :D

Dagny said...

I would read your book in a heart beat.


Annie Coe said...

Thanks, m.kate and dagny :-).