Thursday, July 17, 2008

What I love about today...

This is a photo I took in my yard this morning.
I am on the run this morning as I have much to do and friends
coming for dinner. I am making a recipe I have never made before.
If it turns out I may post it for those of you that cook. I thought
today I would make a list of things I am really loving about my
life and perhaps, if you want to, you could leave a comment about
what you love.
1. All four of my animal boys, they make my life so much richer
than if they were not here.
2. The rain and thunder in the afternoon, cools everything off
and gives everything a drink.
3. My wonderful family, who I love very much.
4. All my beautiful friends here, and around the world.
5. The fact that I have today off! And tomorrow!
6. e.e.cummings
7. Werner Erhard, he is a newly discovered hero and I will post about him
soon. He means more to me everyday and his lessons are life changing.
8. The birds who come to eat and sing in my yard.
9. Art, in every form!
Have a most wonderful Thursday! OXOX


Julie said...

I don't love the afternoon storms here because it turns the outside into a sauna, but I do love the animals very much.

For the most part.

Except when they "go" in the house...

Dagny said...

Beautiful pic. :)

and I love.

1. my cats, I'd be lost without them
2. Mr. Dagny, of course
3. My beautiful flowers in the yard
4. the sun rising in the morning
5. the sun setting in the evening
6. the sound of birds in the morning
7. the smell of fresh cut grass

mermaid said...

The ability to listen to others with undivided attention. It's a practice I am learning, and it is a gift to both of us.

Unknown said...

GREAT to know you that you are having a fab day. I love Fridays till Sundays (who doesnt.
I love weekends when in rains in the early mornings.
Can't live without the kids and husband too.
Love my garden.
Love to cook for the family.
Love the beach and the mountains.
Let us know how the cooking turn out, a picture will do...since we are not eating, we wont know if its good hahahaha...
lots of love and hugs always :)

Lorie McCown said...

oh goody! a game...
-God, he is the man!
-books, books, books!
-flower gardens
-tea, hot or cold
-art, big or little
-fabric, stacks of it!
-red shoes
-Jane Austen
-ok, weird one, the smell of oil paint
-vw bugs! (old ones!)


Em said...

Well have a fun dinner! Share the recipe if it's good!

Eliezer Sobel said...

Hey, since you're loving Werner Erhard these days, I thought I'd let you know that I devote an extensive chapter of my new book to discussing Werner and his teachings. It's called The 99th Monkey: A Spiritual Journalist's MIsadventures with Gurus, Messiahs, Sex, Psychedelics, and Other Consciousness-Raising Adventures. You can read the Prologue here:

Eliezer Sobel