Thursday, July 10, 2008


I got tagged by Julie for this one. Disclaimers. I think it
sounds fun, so here goes:
1. Even though I hate it, I am still afraid of being disliked.
2. This one is for Willowtree: my last few cryptic posts are
all about my new obsession and dare I say love for Werner
Erhard of est fame(if you are making a face right now, stop it :-).
I am gearing up for a post about him, so get ready :-).
3. I love carbs :-).
4. Some days in the Summer, when I go for a run, I walk instead because I hate running when I get hot!
5. On my days off I sometimes sleep until 9(I usually get up at 6).
6. Like Julie, I am obsessive/compulsive, but I have it under control :-). No medication needed.
7. I believe in miracles.
8. Once in a while I forget to feed my poor dog dinner, I always remember sooner or later, but sometimes it is later(I hang my head in shame).
9. On my day off, sometimes I stay in my jammies all day :-).
That is the last one, there were no rules for how many, so I picked 9 as it is my favorite #.
Consider yourself tagged, if you want to be :-).


willowtree said...

I have second hand experience with Erhard, but I'll refrain from expressing my views ;)

No.8 Shame on you!!!!! But what I don't understand, is how you manage to do it, my guys are relentless when it comes to getting me to give them their dinner.

Annie Coe said...

wt-Thank you for refraining, but if it is real, and if it is bad please send email and let me know.
I have heard all the bad press, and a lot of it is false...
#8, I know! I always feel so bad, but he does not ask for his food, so it is easy to forget sometimes...

sukipoet said...

I once heard, that during EST days, he didnt let people leave the lecture hall or whatever to go pee. Now, if that is true, it would cross him off my list. It seems to me that, and getting drinks of water kinda thing are just natural life events. Now, it may not be true and my friend M. is into the Landmark thing (I believe it is called) which evolved from EST and she took a lot of workshops via that and loved it.

Well, sleeping to 9 is OKAY. If I forget to feed my cats, the sit by their bowls and stare at me with big moist eyes. Poor things.

Annie Coe said...

Suki-Actually that was the story about est that scared me away from doing it, but come to find out they had breaks every 4-6 hours depending on what was going on. There was a rule about only going during the breaks, but you were not held captive, ever :-). My cats do the same thing :-).

Em said...

These are cute... I love carbs too!

robin laws said...

i refrain but not because i have anything bad or good to say. it's just because i'm on earth could i know what might be a good thing for you! you seem like you have a good head on your shoulders. follow your instincts :)

i too can wear jammies for many daylight hours. and i often forget to comb my hair on those days.

Annie Coe said...

em-Thanks :-).
Robinbird, have I told you lately that I appreciate you? I do!
I appreciate all of you!

Julie said...

I'm not going to tell you how many days in a row I've worn my jammies this week.