Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A question for my friends...

Okay, the story goes like this: A long while ago I
was getting DVDs from a cool DVD place and a fellow
worked there. He was cute, and young and most
importantly he was smart. We used to talk a bit
about movies and I felt he was a kind of kindred
spirit. I had this thought that he liked me, but I
talked myself out of it because he looked so young.
I mean YOUNG. Then he quit working at the DVD
place and a few months have went by. I thought
of him from time to time. Then last weekend I heard
my name called and I turned and it was him and we stood
in the parking lot and talked for 2 hours. He is 27. He
is darling and I am certain he does like me. You know, like
boys like girls kind of like. I think I told him a zillion times
that I was 52 years old. It did not seem to faze him.
I don't know what will happen with this, but I am pretty
sure I can't go there. He is 27! I do like him as a person very
much and if I was even 10 years younger I may be tempted.
A 25 year spread is a bit too much don't you think? He is very
mature for his age though :-). What do you all think? I need
some help here as I find myself actually thinking about him.
Also this post is my first act of bravery for the Be Brave project
I am starting any day. I guess I started today :-). It is a bit scary
to put this post out there because he is a computer guy and
will likely Google my name and find this. Help me people, what
would you do? XOXO


willowtree said...

This situation happens all the time when the genders are reversed, and apparently acceptance is growing to the older woman younger man scenario.

Personally, I think every situation should be judged on it merits. Age, while not irrelevant, should not be the deciding factor.

Anonymous said...

Most of my close friends are a lot older than me- my husband and best friend included. I didn't have much in common with my own age group, and I stuck to the good friends I made.

Soul mates can be of different ages. My now husband was teased by work colleagues in the early days of our relationship, but I was no ordinary teenager and he was sheltered growing up. We met in the middle, if you know what I mean.

If generally you have a lot in common with the 25-35 year old age bracket, then get to know the chap more as a friend first. If generally you find their music and conversation too different, then the liklihood is that when it came to deep stuff, there would be little to build a firm foundation of a relationship on. Judge the chap by his merits and put the age thing to one side.

Julie said...

Well, in my opinion you could always just hang out for a bit and see if anything develops. The fact that he's cute is a plus. It'll give you something to look at over coffee. :)

Em said...

I agree with Julie, just take it one step at a time... spend some time with him and see how it goes. It could be fun if nothing else!

Annie Coe said...

Thanks, you have all helped a lot. This is what I have decided to do, be friends and if something starts up then see how I feel at that time. We have many things in common and one is our love of cats :-). Also he is kind and smart. A woman could do a lot worse.

Dagny said...

Well, being an 'older' woman myself, I say go for it!!! heh.

I think once we are past 25 we are all pretty similar anyway, and if like Mr. Dagny he is an old soul, well, what is age anyway? A number.

Maybe a sum of life experiences, but there are lots of younger people that have been through a lot more than some older that is what I would gauge it by.

Anyway, I say go where your heart takes you.


Dagny said...

Oh, and I missed that part about the cats.

If he loves the kitties, well, that's a point in my book. ;)

Annie Coe said...

Dagny-You are right. He took care of his father as he died and has been through more than most people at 50. He is a very old soul and that is why I am even considering this :-). Also over half my friends are in their thirties, so I think I am young at heart too :-).

Lorie McCown said...

That is brave, and as the others say, take it slow and see what happens. Unfortunately, I know quite a few couples who were the same age and never could keep a 2 minute conversation going, let alone 2 hours! You have an open mind, why not? Hope he likes art too :-) !

Annie Coe said...

lorie-His father was an artist, so he has a good knowledge of it, though I don't know what he likes yet. We could have talked for hours more, but I had a dog who had been in the house for hours and needed me :-).

Claire said...

Hang out, have fun, see how it goes!

Oooh, and let us know all about it, of course!


Dagny said...

You are VERY young at heart!!!

Just young in general. :D


Kelly said...

I think age is just a number. If he has an old soul and you are young at heart, you meet in the middle. Age is one factor in compatibility, but I don't think it is up there in the top ten most important.

Dona Sra. Urtig√£o said...

I think ... the age is inner ourselves.
(I'm a brazilian woman,56, and don't speak english...well... so I used a dictionary)

Unknown said...

This is exciting! I agree with the others--get to know him and see how you guys feel about each other. Making a new friend is nothing to sneeze at if romance isn't in the air. And if it is, enjoy. All relationships have their quirks.

robin laws said...

i was smiling when i read the post and now i am smiling even more at all the encouragement and support you have from being brave' and telling us :) i had no idea you are 52. i don't knowhow old i though you were but you certainly are young in spirit annie. please do keep us up-to-date if you are willing :)
good luck! have fun!

Lisa said...

I am shocked! Not about the age difference but that you are 52! From your profile picture, I thought you were about 27 yourself! You look amazing. Now, about that guy...go for it. As someone said, soulmates come in different ages. Sometimes we just don't make it into the bodies in the same decade. :)