Friday, July 18, 2008

A recipe for you

Dinner was lovely. My friends,B,P and J came over.
I am so grateful for all my wonderful friends. I am
a very lucky woman to have such GREAT ones.
I fixed an asparagus/pasta dish and salad. My
non blogging friends thought it was very funny
that I wanted a to take a photo of the food for my
blog :-). They just don't get it at all. What is interesting
is that B and P are in their thirties and you would think
they would be in on this blogging thing by now :-).
I actually don't have one friend in my off web life that
blogs. Sorry, my photo is not the greatest, but I did my
best. There was not a morsel of food left, so I think it
was a hit. However, I am adding a bit to the recipe
because I found for four people there was not enough asparagus
in the dish. I am also simplifying it a lot.
Ingredients: for four people
2 bundles of asparagus
1 large red chili (put in 2 if you like it hot)
2 cloves garlic
1 half onion(get Spring onions if available)
1 inch ginger root
1/2 cup plain peanuts
1 Tbsp Sesame oil
3 Tbsp Thai peanut sauce
1 16 oz package of fettuccine pasta
First, clean and chop up all the veggies and ginger, very fine.
In the a wok or sauce pan heat the sesame oil and add the garlic, chili, ginger and onions.
Let simmer.
Start heating the water for the pasta.
Chop up the peanuts, very fine
as the pasta is cooking, add the asparagus and peanut sauce to the garlic, ginger, onions and chili and turn the heat down on the sauce. You don't want to cook the asparagus too much.
When the pasta is done, drain and rinse and put back in the pot you cooked it in. Add the sauce
and mix well, garnish the top of each plate with basil and peanuts. I served this with fresh salad from the Saturday market and cucumbers. Dessert was Mango sorbet. Let me know if any of you try this recipe. I am off to play with clay :-). I promise to post photos of my efforts soon.


Unknown said...

Where's the sentence in the recipe that has someone come over and make this for me while we drink margheritas like little fishies??

sukipoet said...

this sounds divine. I also have a divine asparagus recipte from the Vegetarian gourmet that i made this spring for mom and we both loved it. a sort of asparagus and cheese pie.

Most of my in person friends do not blog and do not "get" blogs. Yes, WHY would you take a pic of your food, your toes, your step by step journey to the grocery store?????? Hmmm. Be well, Suki

Anonymous said...

Sounds lovely Annie! If it's any consolation my family thought I was weird taking photos of the anniversary food too.:-) Maybe blogging is just something you have to "get"?

Em said...

I love asparagus!

I don't have any real-life friends who blog either.

Julie said...

That sounds fantastic.

I also have a great asparagus pasta dish that I'll share with you if you like. It also involves sugar snap peas.

Kelly said...

A LOT of people take pictures of their food for their blogs. I've had people thank me for restaurant reviews and recipes...complete strangers! Yeah, I think you either "get" blogging or you just don't.

robin laws said...

well now that should be quite tasty :) i love sesame oil and the peanut topping! no blogging friends either...why is that? i completely wish i did sigh.... i have had to just be comfortable with my internet prowess in the face of those smirking, 'proud to be non-technological' people who i know and love. sometime i think they secretly want to call me up and get instructions :)

Unknown said...

sure looks good to me!! you are making me hungry for sure :)

Stacy said...

This looks delicious. Between this meal and the cupcake I just saw, I now want dinner and dessert.

Andrea and Kim said...

This looks fantastic! I am going to give it a try this week!

Thanks so much for sharing!

I know what you mean about the non-web friends...not any of mine blog, either.