Monday, July 28, 2008

Thank you M.Kate!

The lovely M.Kate sent me a package all the way from Malaysia.
This is my very first gift from a fellow blogger :-). I have heard
of this, but never thought I would ever receive anything. M.Kate
has one of the most beautiful blogs in blogland. Here is my cat
Max admiring all my gifts. Missing is a hand painted book marker
that was hiding in the envelope when I took the photos. The word on the
handkerchief means "Double Happiness" the potpourri box has the words
Ai which means love. :-)
I adore them all, but I took a close up of my favorite gift-the hand painted
lotus with my name. I think it is lovely and will always remind me of what
a special, sweet woman M.Kate is :-). Big hugs always! Happy Monday.


willowtree said...

Aren't you a lucky girl! Your cat is identical to one of mine (Booey).

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie, what lovely presents. M Kate is so generous and takes us on so many adventures.

I do like your pottery! I love the wy the creamer and sugar bowl legs match the pattern- circles 2d and 3d.

Unknown said...

Hello Annie :D
So glad you like them and that they arrived on time...I was worried for a while. Yep, those bunnies were really bad..thank god my lotus grew high up or else, it would have been their dessert LOL. Lots of love and hugs always

sukipoet said...

Oh this is so sweet. M. Kate is a dear. I love these beautiful things and am so glad you got a blogland package. Be well, Suki

sukipoet said...

PS Max is a wonder. meow. Hello Max. From Emily and Bibbity

Em said...

Wow! Very nice!

mermaid said...

whenever i am feeling like something is missing, i get to read an entry by a fellow blogger that reminds me we do have what we need, and more!

i am truly happy for you, annie. those gifts are wonderful, and please believe you have opened to receive them.

Julie said...

Truly wonderful gifts.

robin laws said...

ohhh..i know what you mean. getting a gift from a far-away-blog-friend is amazing. the lotus painting is lovely! you surely must admire one another's art!