Thursday, July 3, 2008

My Magical day with Dean Stockwell...

This is Dean Stockwell the actor. I have loved
him my whole life. This evening I and a couple
of my friends spent four hours at his house sharing
art. How did this all come about? My friend J met
a new friend L and he knows Dean. J and I spent
the day with L. First, we went to a new, lovely gallery
in town, met the owners who were wonderful and spent
the afternoon visiting with them. Then we went to J's
for drinks. That is when our new friend L said "would
you two like to go to Dean's house with me?" We said
"yes"! I will not tell you any of Dean's secrets, even though
I know a few :-), but I will say that he is a lovely, sweet man.
Just as I always knew he would be. We met a bunch of other
people there and they were all sweet too. We shared our art
with him and he shared his art with us (he does wonderful
collage pieces). I just returned home and being too wired
from the day decided I might as well post a blog about it.
Some days are just perfect and this was one of those days :-).
No credit was given for this photo, but I got it here.


willowtree said...

Wow, I'm so jealous! I've been a fan of his for ages. I just now checked IMDB to see exactly how long, and was stunned to see he was born in 1936!

And no I haven't been a fan of his since 1945 (his first appearance), I really started to like him in Quantum Leap in the early 90s.

Julie said...

That's awesome! He always seemed like a nice guy to me too.

Annie Coe said...

WT-Somehow I knew you would be a fan of his. I started really loving him when he did"Bluevelvet".
Julie-He is as sweet as pie :-).

sukipoet said...

Wow. This is incredible. How wonderful the way this evolved. You got to meet someone you have loved and admired for years just through the unfolding of events. Have a great weekend. Suki

Unknown said...

Kudos to you!!! What a day this must have been for you. So happy to hear Mr. Stockwell is doing well and a sweet man to boot. That makes for an memorable evening.

Anonymous said...

What a great day! -the stuff memories are made from. It sounds so cool to meet up with someone you've admired for years and just get to know them a little in a relaxed and unrushed way.

I hope this meeting of artists leads to mutual inspiration.

Best Wishes,

Unknown said...

Have a great time and lovely weekend :)

Kate P said...

That's very exciting! Have you ever read Sheila O'Malley's blog The Sheila Variations? She was practically obsessing over him and had the chance to meet him a few months ago. Small world.

Dagny said...


Annie Coe said...

Thanks everyone, it was cool and I hope to be invited over again :-).
KateP-I will check Shelia out.
Dagny-missed you, glad you are back :-).