Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Random thoughts...

I wanted to write, but then when I am sitting in front of my
computer my mind goes blank. I think if I just start writing
something will come, or not. I have a whole lot on my mind,
but a lot of it I find hard to share here on the blog. This being
a public place and me still trying for some privacy. I know some
of you let it all out, but while I want to be real and honest here,
I feel I have to hold some things back. This week I have been
on a journey of the mind and spirit and I find myself unable to
share most of it with you right now, but I will say this: Life
is FULL of surprises and just when you think nothing new
is ever going to happen, it does and it blows your whole view
of the world out of the water. I love that life is like that, don't you?
Sometimes it is uncomfortable, but so worth it. I am happy
that I can still be surprised and that people and ideas can still
shake me and wake me up. I am fully awake right now and
it is a joy. I am sparked. What sparks you? What new things
have you learned lately? OXOXOX


Anonymous said...

Hi Annie, I started by craft blog with the sole intention of keeping a log of what I have made. It has sort of evolved since then. I find it so amazing that I have "met" so many people through it. So many people have inspired me. I think that is my spark.

sukipoet said...

Glad you feel sparked. I think blogging is so personal as far as what the blogger chooses to blog about. I read some blogs that are strictly poems, or strictly craft photos with little words, I have read others that talk a lot about personal things. I occasionally get personal, but that's just me. I think emails maybe are a good place to let go if you have email friends you can talk to in that way. Course in the old days one called ones friends to talk. Nowadays, you just get answering machines. Take care of yourself, be well, Suki

Unknown said...

I agree with Melanie too... meeting blog-friends and then they turn to be more than just virtual friends. Though I have not met most of them, but some you feel more connected to and that 'sparks' me...AND thinking of where to go next. There are many things that we cant share publicly, and yet when you read bits of people's blog, you know a little bit more :) saying hi from Penang island from, here on an overnight trip, back tomorow :)

Kelly said...

I know what you mean. Just when you think you know your own life...POW! Something comes out of the blue. I love that about life, too.

A Cuban In London said...

Once you sit in front of the computer you are no longer private, you have gone public. You have the intention even if it never materialises. In order to remain private one must lock the intention up and throw the key away.

But then one would deny themselves the wonderful gift of life.

Greetings from London.

robin laws said...

i am very much one who gets inspired by what seems to be the randomest things. of course i am always inspired by my work since i have the privileged honor of hearing people's most private thoughts. my garden inspires me at such a joyful level. and then there is of the things i love best about blogging is how i can surprise myself. i often have no idea what i want to say and usually start without an idea. it works well for me, a photograph, a comment from a fellow blogger and sometimes what is going on in my life right now seem to ignite my creativity. i completely understand the need for privacy while being in a public domain. one of life's sweet contradictions i guess :)
have a great sunday annie!