Thursday, July 24, 2008

Be Brave

First Jessie inspired me when she did the Be Brave project and now Kelly is doing it and Jessie is doing it for a second time, so I decided I would join them this time around as I would be in good company. I started yesterday, but today it is official :-). You make up your own rules as to how long you do this, but basically you do one brave thing a day for however long you commit. I am not sure how long I will do it, but I commit for at least one month. I may go longer. When I started thinking about this project I realized I have been doing brave things for a long time. Like the time I moved here without any money, a job or knowing anyone except a sales person I met on a vacation here, she ended up leaving town very soon after I arrived. That was pretty brave. It is really the small brave acts that I force myself to do that make the most difference I think. I won't be telling you the day by day, but you will hear about the highlights :-). I saw how this project changed Jessie's life and I am excited to begin this new adventure. Starting this project is today's brave thing :-). Join me if you like, the more the merrier. XOXOXO


Em said...

I should totally do it. I don't know if I'm brave enough though. :-/

Dagny said...

I will think about it. ;)


Anonymous said...

Well done for trying this Annie. It is a very courageous thing to do. I know I couldn't do it yet so I'm in awe.

sukipoet said...

Its brave just to do the be brave challenge I'd say. I didnt respond to the guy question but I just think follow your heart. I went from the girl scout motto (Be Prepared) to "I do something and see what happens" motto and I think it's much more humane. As Ekhart Tolle says you cant know what is going to happen in the future nor should you have to, or something like that. Onward!

Kelly said...

Welcome, Annie! I think your last post was REALLY brave.

Elizabeth said...

I am the least brave person on the planet.
I would love to be brave - but maybe some people are brave about some things and not about others.
I could stand up and talk to a big audience, but I am frightened of being trapped in the elevator - even in my own building.
You are very brave to try to be brave!

Annie Coe said...

em-no, you ARE brave enough.
dagny-You are brave too, very, very brave.
melanie-I have been thinking about this for months...
kelly-Thanks :-). Glad to be joining you!
Elizabeth-I hate speaking in public, that is VERY brave! Yes, I think we are all brave in different areas. With this project you do whatever scares YOU not what scares others :-).