Monday, July 21, 2008

Art Monday

This is a painting I did in the last 2 years. This one is
a bit smaller than the others I have shared with you
before. Mixed media on canvas, 18"x 18", and the title is
"Sea Glass". Like usual the color is off and there is a glare
in this photo. My new friend L is an art photographer and
we are going to do a trade and he is going to take photos
of my work. I can't wait to get new photos! However, until
then I am stuck with these. This painting is for sale :-). If
any of you are interested you can email me, but mostly
I just like sharing my work with you. Have a wonderful
Monday. XOXO


Julie said...

What a beautiful piece!

Em said...

Very cool!

sukipoet said...

Really nice, Annie. I love the colors, the circles and the title of sea glass which i love and collected for many years on Cape Cod.

Yoli said...

Lovely piece!

Anonymous said...

Hia Annie, I love the texture you put in your work. The colours are of the same intensity too. I think this works really well. The pieces do feel like sea tossed glass retaining some of the embossing of their previous uses just in the shallows of the sea. I do love this one!

Unknown said...

wonderful does looks like glass :D

Dagny said...

I love it!


Annie Coe said...

Thanks! You are all sweethearts

Lorie McCown said...

Awesome! Do you shut your flash off when you take them? That's a good start to avoid glare..

d smith kaich jones said...

Hi. I'm here on Robin Bird Tweet's recommendation & she was SO right. This is gorgeous.

I'll be back!


Annie Coe said...

Lorie-I did not take these photos, I actually paid to have them taken, and you should have seen this before I fixed it in photo shop :-).

Andrea and Kim said...

I have just found your lovely blog through Kelly and adore your art! Oh, I see you know Suki, too...isn't she fabulous?

I love this painting! It is quite beautiful! Do you use acrylics and is that inference or pearl you are using? The title is perfect!

Lucky you to have a professional do your photography...swapping is great!

I am off to explore more!

Annie Coe said...

Hi Kim, welcome. I use venetian plaster and carve into it, then burnish it when dry and then apply many layers of thinned acrylic paint. I don't varnish all my paintings, but I did this one.
Hope you come back often...