Friday, June 20, 2008


This painting is called "Slipping Glimpser(for de Kooning)".
de Kooning said he was always slipping and then seeing things
as he slipped :-). No words in this piece and it really is about
nothing at all or everything. What ever you want :-).
It measures 40"x 40" and is mixed media on board, which
is Venetian plaster and acrylic paint. Again the colors are off,
the rust color is not as intense as the photo shows. I can't
believe I actually paid someone to take these photos :-).
My brother update: he made it home and is hoping his eye
sight rights itself soon. The doctor said it could come back
normal or stay blurry :-(. Have a wonderful Friday. OXOX


willowtree said...

I thought I had subscribed to your feed, obviously not as I didn't see the post about your brother.

Next time you talk to him, tell him that I had a stroke a few years back that left me with blurred vision, actually my vision started blurring before the stroke, maybe I should have paid attention. Anyway, it cleared up after a while, so I'm sure his will too.

Unknown said...

hmmm...another thought provoking piece :) I'd like to think of it as something's that complete and that everything has come full circle.

Sending something to me..woohoo!!! so excited, I cant really think of what, maybe paintings of my rabbits? hehehe...

You have a bunnderpul bunday (see what happens when u spend too much time with these furrry animals)

hugs always

Em said...

Wow... that's really interesting.

Julie said...

I love that painting. I love all of your work.

I hope your brother's eyesight comes back soon.

sukipoet said...

Wonderful painting. I love the colors. Glad your brother is home and hope his eyesight clears. Sending prayers. Namaste, Suki

Annie Coe said...

Thanks Willow tree, I will tell him :-).
M.Kate-I am not telling, but it has nothing to do with bunnies :-).
Don't expect it for a while, I will let you know when I send it.
Julie, em, Sukipoet-thanks for your lovely comments.

Unknown said...

Love the painting and the comment from m.kate about everything coming full circle. Great post to start off this weekend. Glad to hear your brother's doing better--any reason for him to be throwing clots?? Is he getting worked up by the docs for this? Blessings to all, AnnieH

Annie Coe said...

No reason-shiny objects. We are hoping the doctors will know when they are done with all the tests.
Thanks for your lovely comment about the painting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie, I hope your brother's sight returns to normal.

I like the colours in the painting.

Lorie McCown said...

Oh this is so good! I love your poetry post,and your art is great.
Prayers for your brother as well.