Monday, June 2, 2008

My cup

This is my cup :-). In the raw. Can you see the patttern
in the clay? I learned a new trick from a friend and it
made my work go much faster. I finished in half the time!
I think I finally have the hang of it. Next I will tackle a bowl :-).
Now this piece has to dry for about 3 weeks before it is ready
for glazing and firing. Glazing is a whole other thing I have
to learn, and everyone keeps telling me how hard it is :-).
I find working in the clay so soothing and relaxing, I could
get addicted to this. Have a magic Monday.


Marimar - said...

OOhh, I like the pottery! Fun!
I love those designs on the side.

Thanks for checking my site. I am trying to keep at it, but life gets in the way as you know.

Dagny said...

It's pretty!!


Em said...

Very cool! I'd love to play with clay.

Tom Evans said...

Work is the curse of the drinking classes...

Julie said...

I love the cup!!!

Unknown said...

wow, Annie, what a cup, now that's one cup I'v never seen before, will wait for the rest :)

Neil said...

Three weeks! I'm surprised it takes so long to dry.

Annie Coe said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments,
and Neil, you have to let them dry really slowly so they don't crack, that is why it takes so long.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

So very pretty. It would be so nice to have several and serve in them:)